can you mix yoghurt in with custard?

cloffie, Mar 22, 6:02am
can youmix yoghurt in with custard ? I wondered if it might make the custard curdle

245sam, Mar 22, 6:10am
cloffie, are you wanting to serve the custard hot?
I have made custard and let it cool a little then added yoghurt and served it just warm or cold but not hot; however it MAY be ok if the yoghurt is mixed in with the custard powder and milk but I can't promise you that the latter would not curdle - IMO it would depend on how much yoghurt and custard powder was used, and how much the yoghurt-custard was heated/boiled. :-))

cloffie, Mar 22, 6:48am
thanks 245sam I just want to stir it in after cooking as I have to take every opportunity to cram calcium and protein into my meals . I havecooked some yummy blackboy peaches so I thought I might be able to make the custard lovely and creamy using yoghurt as cream and icecream are no noes you see cos I am in the care of a dietician cos I am an underweight diet controlled type 2 diabetic[have been diet controlled for 9 years] so its a balancing act!

greerg, Mar 22, 7:18am
Usuallythe key to adding yoghurt to hot mixtures is to spoon a little of the hot mixture into the yoghurt. Repeat a couple of times then add the yoghurt. Certainly stops it curdling in casserole-type things and I think it would be thye same with custard.

maynard9, Nov 22, 4:51pm
And another tip - have it in a large bowl to allow you to mix it well and disperse thru the custard rather than a concentrate mass that is more likely to curdle on you. And use a slotted spoon.

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