Passion Fruit

kiwibrit2, Mar 17, 10:52am
Any suggestions to make jam or sauce? We have a lot and use them on cereal each morning but would like to preserve them in some way. At least we don't lose any to the possums, who seem to prefer apples, apricots and roses!

fisher, Mar 17, 12:05pm
Just freeze them whole or remove pulp and place into ice cube trays to freeze... can mix with sugar and freeze if you wish...

senj, Mar 18, 4:24am
remove pulp, add equal amount of sugar, as in 1 cup pulp to 1 cup sugar, stir then when ever you go past give another stir, done over 24 hours this can then be bottled and stored, note once opened will need to be kept in fridge.
At first you will notice the feel of the sugar in the bottom of the bowl but this will slowly be absorbed and no need to freeze or cook.

fisher, Mar 18, 7:23am
Have always used ratio of 2:1... that is 2 cups pulp to 1 cup sugar...
you decide kiwibrit2: Lol:}}}

jessie981, Mar 18, 7:40am
Passionfruit Honey Aunt Daisy)
8 passionfruit
3 eggs
3oz butter
3oz sugar
Scoop out fruit from skins, put in a double boiler with well beaten eggs, sugar & butter. Cook until thick, stirring all the time. Takes approx 15 mins.

Passionfruit Jam
Cut fruit in half & scoop out insides. Boil skins till tender & remove soft pulp. Add to seeds & 8oz grated apple to every pound of fruit. Boil & when apple is cooked, add 3/4lb sugar to each lb mixed fruit.

senj, Mar 18, 7:42am
the one to one method will allow you not to worry about freezing but if you have enough fruit then you could try both methods and decide for yourself.

matt-wgtn, Mar 18, 8:00am
I so wish you were in Wellington. I keep looking at them wistfully in the supermarket at $22/kg

korbo, Mar 18, 8:45am
oh my gosh. $22/kg, i put some up for auction a few weeks ago, and didnt get any takers. have now pulped them and put them in the freezer for use in sauces, fruitsald in the winter.

jag5, Mar 18, 8:08pm
I sold some to a trader in South Island last year for $10. She was rapt. Unfortunately we have none this year... our plant died. But I still have heaps in the freezer from last year, so not totally without for cooking. New plant coming on nicely, so more next year.

jag5, Mar 18, 8:09pm
matt-wgtn... . . remember though, they are light, so you do get quite a few in a kilo. 6 for a treat shouldn't cost that much. Go on... treat yourself.

kiwibrit2, Mar 19, 6:40pm
Hi folks --many thanks for the tips for Passion Fruit, wish I'd asked earlier! Seems plants have a habit of suddenly dying, after about 5 to 7 years. Fortunately, we had another coming on and that one is fruiting now.

jag5, Mar 20, 4:31am
5-7 years is good for a vine. They are shortlived.

spotswood, Mar 20, 9:51pm
I love passionfruit but can't understand why they have to be soooo expensive here in NZ! ! I have grown them myself but the plants don't last for years., Mar 20, 9:56pm
Haha keep joking. . a tray of 6 in NW last week were $7 . . they don't sell them loose here as no one buys them ( far to expensive )

jag5, Nov 19, 10:59am
Whoa... you are joking! ! ! ! $7 for 6. Blimmin heck... worth more than gold.

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