Pizza stones

unknowndisorder, Mar 11, 7:07am
I'd like to know whether the terracotta (Hastings) or the "marbley" (Stevens & wherever) type pizza stones are best.

I'm seriously tempted on the terracotta, just cause it looks cool, but thought maybe some of you lovely people have tried them out? ? ?

Thanks in advance for your answers (if you've got a pizza oven, would you be able to answer Cottagerose's question about them - I didn't want to jump in there, but did think the two are possibly related questions).

sultana0, Mar 11, 8:55am
My old terracotta one got dirty from the cheese spills but it was good to cook with, never had a marbly one

cookessentials, Mar 11, 6:40pm
terracotta? I take it you mean the matt stone ones? They are the more traditional style rather than marble.

unknowndisorder, Mar 11, 7:59pm
is the one I think lookss better (and being NZ made, that's a plus)
are/Other/auction-275955078.htm seems to be the other type
Cookessentials, I did look to see if you had any stones :)
We have a friend who has an outside (built) pizza oven, but can't justify that, hence me thinking about a stone :) (don't need more appliances in the kitchen) :)

cookessentials, Mar 11, 10:17pm
Pizza stone as per the Stevens complete with cutter at around $32. 95. I have not seen terracotta ones, you could ask what sort of warranty they have. Being NZ made is good. I see the Stevens one is their own brand which i would hazard a guess is made in China like all their own brand stuff. We aso get the American "Best" brand, however for those ( they are square) you would be looking at approx $133 and the European beech pizza peel is just under $100

kiwitrish, Oct 22, 11:02pm
Someone told me that you can buy the teracotta plant stand. You know the type I mean. It's from the garden center and they go underneath your pland pots. Said they work just the same and are much cheaper.

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