How do you knw when a Madiera cake is cooked?

michelle145, Mar 11, 1:28am
Starting to brown quite darkly on the edges... . but doesnt seem set in the middle?

seb28, Mar 11, 1:42am
quick question... you're not fan baking it are you? ? cos that could be a cause... it's cooking too fast.

michelle145, Mar 11, 1:46am
no but i did double the recipe. Skewer came out semi clean (like 99%) so i took it out, figured it'll finish cooking with its own heat

cookessentials, Oct 20, 5:42am
If a skewer comes out clean, it should be fine. Sometimes when you double a recipe you can run the risk of it not turning out. If it is browning too quickly but it is not cooked in the middle, a loose layer of tinfoil covering the top will protect it. Dont seal the tin foil around the edges though as you dont want to steam it.

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