Wholemeal baking

earthangel4, Feb 25, 7:43pm
I would like to start a thread for wholemeal baking only.
I have some recipes without sugar,as soon as I can will post them.
My hubby,has a diet of no sugar ,pour whole meal sour dough bread,meat,eggs.
He has been on this diet for over 3 weeks,his joice.
He is amazing,his skin,bp weight,ect,are all good.
He is on bp meds,but I have seen a huge difference in him,So I want to help him.

ant_sonja, Feb 25, 8:05pm
What kind of recipes are you looking for? Different breads, pasta and such? Most of the time, white flour can be substituted for wholemeal or rye or a combination of different flours, bread recipes in particular are generally fairly adaptable :-)

earthangel4, Feb 26, 12:40am
Thank you ant_sonja.
I was just looking for baking only,.just thought someone may have some different ideas,no pasta and he has his special sour dough bread that he buys.
With the wholemeal four,do you add any extra bp ect,or leave as is.
I would also have to leave out all sugars,and have to watch all dried fruits,and fruits,also fruit drinks.
But thank you anyway,so good of you to post.
I am not that a good baker,but do try.

ant_sonja, Feb 26, 3:36am
no worries - I usually end up simply increasing the liquid amounts in any given recipe by a little as the wholemeal seems to absorb fluids a lot more than regular flour - this can also mean adding one more egg than the recipe asks for but I tend to simply go by feel more than recipe anyways. Maybe others will have some more ideas & tips - have fun :-)

earthangel4, Feb 26, 4:26am
Thank you,these are good idea,s

buzzy110, Feb 26, 5:07am
EA. Chantal does a Zentrofran Fine Wheat Flour. Here is the blurb on the pkt:

"This flour is produced by using zentrofan milling (the milling of the whole wheat grain) containing superfine bran and germ, as well as the endosperm..."

Because the 'other parts' of the grain end up so finely milledit can be used exactly the same as white flour, if that is any help to you.

barloo, Feb 26, 5:07am
oooo will post when I'm home! Mum has taken me to rotorua for the weekend!!
(mrs lx4000)

uli, Feb 26, 5:38am
I used to make anything with wholemeal flour - even sponges and pasta. You don't need any special recipes, but you need wholemeal flour. And that is what you get from the likes of Ceres or Chantal - NOT from the supermarket. It will also not keep but get rancid very quickly. So you need to keep it in the fridge or freezer if you buy it milled - as flour.

scarlet_horse, Feb 26, 6:43am
I have a Cranks (London cafe) recipe book and all their baking used wholemeal flour including sponges. You can get a new Cranks recipe book but my one is the original one from when they opened 20 or 30 odd years ago.

earthangel4, Feb 26, 11:30am
Thanks so much everyone,you have all been a great help.

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