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taniajane, Jan 18, 7:06pm
Any one else crack one of these and how often?Got a surprise while making omlettes this morning.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 18, 7:06pm
Love them. Once I got all 6 double yolkers in a pack of 6.

pericles, Jan 18, 7:13pm
been getting a few lately, had one this morning and yesterday
size 8, farmer browns

taniajane, Jan 18, 7:13pm
Wow!some furtile hens!

olwen, Jan 18, 7:30pm
Often older hens I believe.

Quite a lot of years now I wrote some software applicable to egg production.The farmer who was taking an interest in it was experimenting with keeping hens longer.This involved allowing them to moult (a down period poultry owners will know) and come back to laying.He found that these older hens produced large eggs with a significant number of double yolkers.

olwen, Jan 18, 7:36pm
Incidentally were the double yolkers you bought brown eggs?I don't know what they do now, but when I was a kid we sold some excess eggs to the egg floor.They used a light to indentify seconds-- eggs with blood spots etc.I think the double yolkers wound up in the seconds tray which tended to go to bakers.I wondering if they are not identifying them, or just letting them through.

socram, Jan 18, 7:45pm
After over 30 years here, still haven't had a double yolker!

rainrain1, Jan 18, 8:02pm
Got one again yesterday, and for a while before that, there was one every day in the nest....we all want the double yoker :-)

rainrain1, Jan 18, 8:05pm
From young hens, from when they first started to lay

davidt4, Jan 18, 8:23pm
I've had quite a few lately from Pasture Poultry free range.The double yolkers seem to be slightly elongated.It's such a thrill.

elliehen, Jan 18, 8:28pm
The hen just wants her twins ;)

beaker59, Jan 18, 10:08pm
If they were fertile and allowed to hatch do you get Two chicks I wonder?

cookessentials, Jan 18, 10:33pm
double yolker eggs are common occurances with pullets which are young hens laying for the first time.

chrisynz, Jan 18, 10:33pm
we get double yolkers all the time

rainrain1, Jan 18, 10:50pm
I don't suppose there'd be enough room in the shell for two chicks to form properly.....I wonder has anyone ever come across a triple yolker ?

gavin166, Jan 18, 11:11pm

horizons_, Jan 18, 11:31pm
10 out of twelve here has been our record. Bought as free range jumbo's from local market. Was like opening a present with each egg.

catzwhiskaz, Jan 18, 11:34pm
funny I should find this today, hubby cracked one last night on the bbq

bedwarmer, Jan 19, 12:55am
They freak me out a little bit.

I know they're perfectly natural, but I still worry about them.

mybooks, Jan 19, 1:53am
Isn't it cool that they're kinda exciting to find! - brings out the kid in us all!

elliehen, Jan 19, 2:56am
As long as the geneticists aren't putting the hens on IVF ;)

uli, Jan 19, 3:57am
Yes you get twins - most often though they do not hatch properly as they cannot open their shell together and often they are deformed too - and depending on how separate the yolks are they can be siamese... not encouraged in breeding.

beaker59, Jan 19, 8:56am
Had a feeling that might be the case. ta

kob, Jan 19, 5:47pm
i even got one in the pams eggs (xmas time) so it even happens in budget egg as well as the flash ones

pericles, Jan 19, 7:30pm
another one this morning

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