Christmas cake recipe calls for whisky......

korbo, Dec 3, 9:28am
in it, but i dont have any. have a bottle of Glava which is a whisky liquer. would that be ok to use....
going to try alison holst christmas cake, boiled in teabags. the recipe has no brandy etc in it. would it hurt to put some in, and would you put it in last or with the fruit and tea.....

ketandbt, Dec 3, 9:42am
you could use the Glava but i would not use as much as the recipe says for whiskey - you could always make up the rest of the liquid with some black tea.

Definately put brandy in the AH recipe (cant have a christmas cake without it!!) put it with the tea (half tea half brandy would be good) and soak the fruit in it - yum!

kuaka, Dec 3, 10:22am
rather than put the alcohol in the cake mix, and then baking it so all the alcohol evaporates, it's better to drizzle it over the cake when it first comes out of the oven.Drizzle it over the top of the cake, then invert the cake and cool it upside down, the heat draws the alcohol into the cake and helps keep it moist.

bunny51, Dec 3, 10:38am
That's how my mother used to make her Christmas cakes. Nw I feel like a piece of christmas cake made like she used to make...

korbo, Dec 3, 5:58pm
great, will try that kuaka. never heard of tipping the cake upside down. do you just place in on a board, or a teatowel what is best

kuaka, Dec 3, 9:51pm
Place it on a board, and keep it in the tin, so it's all upside down, then cover with towels so as to slow down the cooling process.

canderson, Dec 4, 12:45am
I've just baked and iced the Pineapple Christmas cake recipe - booze free and I am wrapt with the outcome.

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