Silicon Baking Mats

antoniab, Oct 21, 12:55am
Does anyone know how much these cost in the shops? Having a look at some on here but dont know if its worth it once I pay postage aswell. Thanks :)

pjmels, Oct 21, 1:45am
Hi, I picked up two mats last week at our local Countdown supermarket. They were on special for $2 each sorry didn't take any notice of the original price. Hope this helps.

antoniab, Oct 21, 2:07am
Crap, wish Id seen that, lucky you. Guessing they couldnt be much more than$6-$8 then. Too expensive on here.

cookessentials, Oct 21, 2:12am
To be honest, get yourself a good quality one. Silpat or SiliconeZone are two good ones. No offence, but the supermarket jobs are not the best quality,especially if you are going to use them to bake biscuits on.

ribzuba, Oct 21, 8:13pm
Silpat are by far the best but you can get average ones at briscoes on half price sale for $10

lilyfield, Oct 21, 8:33pm
I must have paid about 20 dollars for mine roughly 15 years ago.
Has been constantly used- totally discolored by now- but works a treat.
keep them flat on the tray and don't cut on them. Just a damp wipe after baking and you will never have to replace them.
Sorry- no brandname- but were available at homeshows etc.

nfh1, Oct 21, 8:35pm
Briscows have them and I think occasionally they may have a sale where you can get them half price.

donnabeth, Oct 21, 8:40pm
I think I also paid $20 for mine about 10 years ago.

I never used mine for baking, but used it instead for ironing velisofix onto applique pieces. That was another life, how I wish sometimes that the clock could be turned back and different actions and decisions be made.

momma1, Oct 21, 8:51pm
i'm a bit weirded out by all this cooking in silicon and plastic (gladwrap) it just seems to me to be strange. i worry about the chemicals leaching into what you're eating.

rainrain1, Oct 21, 9:33pm
Make sure you buy shiny ones

mallee, Oct 21, 9:39pm
Interesting you should say that momma1, I read an article about using glad wrap to cover food in a microwave, a very dangerous thing to do due to the leaching, as you said. The article was so graphic, I have never put cling film over dishes that need heating up.

momma1, Oct 21, 9:55pm
i hadn't seen that i just go by my gut feeling and i'm staggered at all the chef programs that actually boil things in gladwrap it doesn't make sense to me

macandrosie, Oct 22, 8:54am
I bought mine from the good old Warehouse! They were the red ones not sure what brand. They live on my trays. I just wipe them down after baking while they are still warm. Great! Over a year old. I bake most weeks so they get plenty of use.

cookessentials, Oct 23, 2:22am
To be honest, I have never used them. I have customers who just love them,although I am a bit of a pursit,so baking for me is in metal tins and trays. I love silicone for tools though.

southerngurl, Oct 23, 11:07pm
we've just got the elcheapo warehouse ones, their fantastic.. so are the loaf tins and muffin cups.. never had any issues burning things now :)

eastie3, Oct 24, 7:04am
I bought mine at the Homestore in Merivale several years ago,use them constantly and probably paid more for them than I would now but I think they will outlast me.

deus701, Oct 24, 10:27am
Depends what you use them for. If you do heavy baking, sugarworks, etc silpats/exopats are great. If you store them well (keep it flat, don't roll them) it will last ages..but will discolour abit. Silpat costs around $80 for a small one to $120 ish for the bigger ones

patchie1, Oct 25, 12:01am
If you go to this they have a range of great products, we have used them for some time and found them great, look under baking products.I think you can buy straight off the website, but they also have a list of stockist.We got ours from Mitre 10

fugazi71, Oct 26, 11:20pm
Tupperware do good ones but of course at a high price. Around 55 I think which looks like it isn't as expensive as the silpat one. They're brown too which doesn't show up any baked on marks!

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