Edmonds "97% Fat Free" cake???

reese, Aug 9, 4:35am

Has anyone made the Edmonds 97% Fat Free Chocolate cake? ? The packet mix one?

If so what are your thoughts? ? Does it taste nice enough to buy and make?

nfh1, Aug 9, 4:40am
I have never made it but the Nutritional Info shows it is only about 100kj less calories per 100 grams that the 'normal' one. It does seem to have a lot longer ingredients lists though.

sue1955, Aug 9, 6:10am
Personally I would only ever buy the "Delicious" type, not the 97% fat free "Irresistable" one. The fat free one is not as moist and flavoursome as the other one. And always remember that just because it says it is fat free it will probably have the same if not more sugar to compensate for taste by leaving out the extra fat, if you don't burn that extra sugar it will turn in to fat anyway.

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