Kremelta rice bubble cake recipe

saml, Aug 5, 7:06am
can anyone please give me the recipe for making these

thanks very much

245sam, Aug 5, 7:36am
saml, I'm assuming that the recipe you're wanting is aka Chocolate Crackles? ?

250g icing sugar (sifted), 3 tbsp cocoa, 1 cup coconut, 4 cups rice bubbles, 250g Kremelta. Melt the Kremelta over a gentle heat and meanwhile combine the icing sugar, cocoa, coconut and rice bubbles. Add the Kremelta and mix thoroughly, then spoon into paper cake containers and allow to set. :-))

saml, Aug 5, 8:00am
thank you very much... yes that is what i was after =)

sleyle, Jul 15, 7:30am
Just found this and wondered if you have to put the coconut in it?I don't remember my Mum putting coconut in these when I was a kid.

holdenss, Jul 15, 7:38pm
Your really got to be kidding me, That old traditional classic well known child hood Recipe containing the exotic Ingredient known only as Kremelta? The stuff that comes in the little yellowish Margerine looking Container? The traditional Container thats had the exclusive recipe actually Written on the side of the Container for the last 20years!!!!!!!! :> lol

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