Stove Top cake reciepes!!!

newf27, Aug 5, 3:53am
Especially an upside down apple cake. ? Any good ones out there? I want to cook it on my stopve top in non stick cookware.

newf27, Aug 5, 3:55am
spelling sorry, , , , I do know how to spell stove? Doh, , Thebrainworking faster than the fingers.

mamabecs, Aug 5, 6:37am
I don't know about those, but I have seen some very good slow-cooker cakes using the same principle, so if you have a slow-cooker and cleaning the oven (or lack of oven space) is the issue, that might be the way to go.

books4nz, Aug 6, 3:29am
This was posted previously:

Birdseed Bars

'1 cup each of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, chopped cashews, sultanas. (nuts, seeds & coconut to be lightly toasted).

Mix together with 100g butter, qtr cup honey and half cup brown sugar once these have been brought to soft ball stage.

Press into pan 2cms. Cut when nearly cold as it becomes pretty hard to slice.

You can use your preferred ingredients from bulk bins, as long as they add up to 5 cups.
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