"Spongey Pudd" in a tin ... anyone remember them?

darlingmole, Jan 23, 7:27am
And do they still exist?

superdave0_13, Jan 23, 7:33am
Oh no! ! ! ! My brother tried to heat one up in a pot of water and fell asleep... . . The can exploded and we had pudding splattered over every wall and the ceiling... . The whole kitchen had to be redecorated.

theanimal1, Jan 23, 7:44am
oh my goodness lmao i think they are now aunt betty's?

crails, Jan 23, 9:14am
I loved the chocolate one. You can get steamed puddings at Foodtown from the bakery or off the shelf is Aunt Betty's. We had the Christmas Plum Pudding $9 it was excellent

korbo, Jan 23, 9:27am
yes remember them well. i am sure they dont exsist now.

bigshopper1, Jan 25, 4:29am
does anyone no the recipe for a golden syrup & sultana (I think) that is cooked in a tin can.

wineo, Jan 27, 3:05am
Hi my family had a dairy and we sold puddings in a tin they were by Betty Crocker, not around any more too many explosions so I believe

mss2006, Jan 27, 3:36am
Yes I remember them - the chocolate one in a red tin or was it caramel? The sauce was thick and gopping. I remember eating them often hoping I would like them but in the end hohum.

superdave0_13, Feb 17, 8:09am
just found this
http://www.filmarchive.org.nz/sellebration/view. php? id=157

donnabeth, Feb 17, 9:22pm
I remember the ad I think.

was that the one with the 3 beagle boys in a bed being promised a spongy pud? We nagged Mum to buy them but she never would.

maysept, Feb 17, 10:33pm
Coleman's spongy puds. We used to love those as a special treat.
There was also another brand that did a fruit roll you swerved with hot custard.

darlingmole, Feb 18, 1:59am
superdave ~ ! wow that bought back a flood of memories! Thanks for posting that up ... me and my hubby had a wee stroll down memory lane after watching that ad

superdave0_13, Feb 18, 2:46am
have a look through the rest of the site http://www.filmarchive.org.nz/sellebration/
it's pretty cool

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