Baking- HELP

bitzy, Jun 20, 4:26am
Why is it when i bake biscuits the bottom burns and the top is real soft like its not cooked? ? ? It drives me insane! What am i doing wrong? ?

sammie55, Jun 20, 4:32am
Where is your baking tray in the oven? For biscuits I bake about half way up, this keeps them away from the lower element, and allows them to cook through.

bitzy, Jun 20, 4:57am
Mine is half way up 2.

jessie981, Jun 20, 5:09am
Maybe oven is too hot. Biscuits usually bake @ 180 - 190. What temp o you have the oven?

shirley16, Jun 20, 5:23am
I think your oven is too hot. I usually do biscuits on 350 on fan bake for 20min, a little higher if not fan.

bedge1, Jun 20, 5:28am
Yup, oven normally bout 180c. Helps to bake them on Baking paper so bottoms dont burn & I also have them just under half way in oven. Dont constantly open oven to check them.

cookessentials, Jun 20, 5:33am
It may not be you. You COULD have your tray too low in the oven, or your thermostat may be out of whack. Try the next rung up in the oven next time, if you still have a problem, get an oven thermometer and check your temps.

fugazi71, Jun 20, 6:50am
I had that prob in an old house and turned out it was the thermostat gone bung. Don't think it was too expensive to fix.

eastie3, Jun 20, 6:53am
You could try baking the biscuits on a silicone cookie sheet.

bitzy, Jun 20, 7:45am
Thanks for all your help, Hopefully ill sort the prob and try again

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