Fresh cranberry shortcake

fisher, May 28, 8:56am
... anyone got a recipe for cranberry shortcake ...
... really need one... :}}}

babytears, May 28, 8:58am
That's so wierd... . I really need the recipe too... . I wonder if there's a recipe for Fresh cranberry shortcake somewhere? ? ? ?

unknowndisorder, May 28, 9:46am
shortcake cream butter & sugar add egg mixin 1egg dry ingredants half mixure line pie
125g butter dish. Cover with strewed cranberries
125g sugar cover with rest of mixture
1egg bake 25 min at190
125g flour
125g cornflour
1teaspoon baking powder
Quote creek (187 )8:18 pm, Fri 28 May #1
cover with stewed cramberries top with rest of mixture
bake190 for 25 min
Quote creek (187 )8:22 pm, Fri 28 May #2

as per thread further down page :)

pickles7, May 28, 10:17pm
The majority of our cranberries are harvested and in one of two ways. The beds are flooded and the fruit is "beaten" off by our woofers. The floating fruit is then corralled and loaded onto trucks for delivery. Wet harvested fruit is used for juice and sauce. Dry harvested fruit is "combed"off . No water is involved during this process. The fruit is cleaned and packaged as fresh fruit.
We all drink 2 cups of juice a day in our family.
I don't cook with them at all.
I will be producing cranberry vinegar this year.

rog.e, May 28, 10:55pm
I have voted four other threads this person has started exactly the same recipe. I suggest we tidy up this forunm by leaving this original one and getting rid of the rest.

pickles7, May 28, 10:57pm

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