Egg salad

hornbychic, May 21, 11:03pm
obviously egg and mayo but how much curry powder do i add and is it spring onions chopped in it?
any ideas please

rose5910, May 21, 11:10pm
When i make ours i add a good tablespoon and sometimes two depending on how big salad is. I add spring onions and some celery.

margyr, May 21, 11:23pm
the mayo i use in egg salad, is mayo and then 1/2 - 1 container of sour cream as well and mix the mayo and sour cream well before adding.

margyr, May 21, 11:24pm
and as for hour much curry to add that would depend on the curry if a mild one then use 1 dessertspoon but if a hot curry just 1/2 teaspoon.

cherie19, May 22, 8:43pm
So do you use home made salad dressing or a pre made bought one? I love egg salad but find it very expensive to buy at the supermarket

margyr, May 23, 5:26am
i use the cheapest mayo the supermarket sells, either home brand or pams, and with the sour cream it is yum, i also use that if i make a macoroni salad. you can jazz it up with chopped gherkins, and mint for a potato salad, add some tomato sauce and worchester to make seafood.

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