Cook island doughnuts and chop suey recipe

hi im looking to make chop suey and doughnuts, have googled for the recipes but no luck. can anyone help me please?

Chef_barefoot4, May 21, 12:24 pm

barefoot4, have you looked at:-

Chef_245sam, May 21, 12:28 pm

thanks sam, i looked there, found chop suey, but no doughnuts! !

Chef_barefoot4, May 21, 12:31 pm

barefoot, how do Cook Island doughnuts differ from ? ordinary? doughnuts - did you look at the recipes at:- php? f=15&t=689

Chef_245sam, May 21, 12:39 pm

island doughnuts have a slightly different taste toyour typical bakery doughnut. well to me they do anyway lol

Chef_barefoot4, May 21, 12:46 pm

Just to let you know, I've bumped a recipe Uli had posted - under Cook Island donuts (why can't we all spell the same way, lol). I was about to do a search for Rarotonga thinking maybe that would find something hahaha :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 21, 12:56 pm

thanks for that, i did have a look at that, but i think that they are different again, by baking them and using coconut cream. ive tried searching for raro doughnuts as well. found a nice chop suey reciepe, but still no luck with the doughnuts. i thought it would be quite easy getting a reciepe. my husbands a baker as well, but im not sure that he knows how exactly they are made.

Chef_barefoot4, May 21, 1:00 pm

Sorry, not sure what you mean by "by baking them and using coconut cream"?
do you mean instead of milk?
It's been many years since I had these, and to be honest I didn't really enjoy them, as I'm not fond of coconut cream or milk, but it was different lol
There is another thread "Pacific Island recipes" which also has a recipe for donuts in it, but it also uses milk (hence me confuddled)

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 21, 1:07 pm

you don't mean pani popo - coconut buns?
http://www.samoa. as/recipe9.htm

Chef_gavin166, May 21, 1:10 pm

whoops sorry, just saw other thread

Chef_gavin166, May 21, 1:11 pm

you can google away all day, but you will not find the cook island donut recipe on there... . thats why its a secret. . lol

Chef_nahzee, May 21, 1:16 pm

Just remebered a childrens library book(manukau), I think it was called Grandpa's Doughnuts and is about an island boy who watches his grandpa make them, it had a recipe at the back of book, I'm sure I wrote it down as wanted to try them. Will see if I can find it and post back later if I can find it.

Chef_crystalmoon, May 21, 2:01 pm

Panikeke? aspx

Chef_gavin166, May 21, 3:33 pm

thank u all for your help, i was able to get a recipe off an island lady hu works with my husband. she makes really yum island doughnuts so heres hoping that a palangi can make then as gud lol.

Chef_barefoot4, May 21, 3:34 pm

And maybe the palangi could then post the recipe? LOL :)

Chef_uli, May 21, 7:18 pm

hey 'Barefoot4' can u post the recipie, is it the one they sell at markets for about $1 for five of them? , they're about the size of a small potato...

Chef_tarn146, May 21, 9:50 pm

Sorry, I don't know how to make any of them, but pani popos (coconut buns) and panikekes are different from Cook Island donuts.

tarn146 the ones you're talking about are panikekes.

Chef_caspa007, May 21, 10:26 pm

Hi there
I found a recipe which sounds about right.. I should ask my nanna hers are the best! :)

Its quite easy to make all you need is:
300 mls warm water (28 - 35 degrees)

1 teaspoon sugar

1 heap tablespoon yeast

Add dry ingredients to warm water, stir and leave to sit somewhere warm. Should take about 20 mins. You know when it is right because the yeast froths up like a big head sitting on a beer. If nothing happens either the water is to cold to hot or the yeast is dead

1 bag of flour (1.5kg)

1 cup sugar (more if you like it sweeter)

1 cup dessicated coconut (optional) I use the this as it gives it a coconut flavour

Colouring (optional) I don't use but some people always ask how do you get it yellow?

300 grams soft butter - not melted

1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix butter and flour thoroughly (rub butter into flour) then add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. After mixing has finished leave a well in the middle to pour the yeast mixture in.

700 mls of warm water or milk (I use milk) optional what you do but it was the way I was shown

Pour yeast mixture into the well and half of the warm liquid and get the the hands going. As you mix pour the remainder of the liquid in.

When all ingredients is completely mixed roll it out of the dish and onto a floured bench and lightly knead it making sure you sprinkle some flour on top before you start kneading.

Kneading should only take 2 - 3 minutes, pushing down into the middle and folding the eadges back in, don't be rough. Put it back into the dish, cover with a T-towel and put it somewhere warm to rise or double in size. (2 - 3 hrs or longer)Depends how warm it is.

If you are working in a cold environment thinks will take longer to happen.

After it has doubled in size roll it out onto a floured bench lightly kneading it, same as above (2 - 3 mins)

Grab a roller and roll it out until it is 30mm thick (you don't have to be bang on or you'll be there all day)rolling out in all directions

Get a decent size class or cup (not to big or small)and use it to cut the dough, you should get around 36 to 42 dognuts. The more you practice the better feel you'll get for the the cup size.

With the cut piece put it on a floured bench close to the cooking area, the dognuts have to go through a second phase of rising. If you cook them straight away they will sink like a rock, the room has to be warm for this stage. The second stage puts air back into the dognuts so when you go to cook it, it floats. You can either make a hole in it now or before you cook it. I put the hole in first

To put the hole in poke your fingers through the middle of the dognut and with both hands pull outwards rotating the dognut at the same time. Try and make the hole flarely big cause when it is sitting there rising it will close up, if you make the hole to small it will close up completely but its up to you if you want to put the hole in first or just before you could it, you decide grasshopper.

The dognuts do not take long to cook, I cook it in a roasting type dish using chefade (its up to you what you want to use) I cook 6 at a time, it is easier and quicker to cook when the hole are already there. If you are making the holes before you cook it, because you will be slow by the time you get the 6th one in the first two will be ready and it means working fast.

You only turn the dognuts once, when you check the underside while it cooks you are looking for a light shade of brown, not too dark

This recipe is from:


Chef_qtraro, Aug 1, 5:42 pm