HELP emergency Egg Plant expertds needed!

blackbnz, May 18, 5:29am
I have never attempted egg plant before. I have cut it in half and scooped out the inside lol now what? Can I just stuff it with some filling and bake it? I have some tomato and onion and feta cheese. . need something simple as I only have limited time and ingredients lol can anyone help me? ? TIA

blackbnz, May 18, 5:32am
oh and sum capiscum... anyone have any ideas please?

fruitluva2, May 18, 5:34am
Er, what are you doing to the scooped out bits can I ask?

uli, May 18, 5:36am
I usually just slice the eggplant and fry the slices then top with a meaty tomato sauce with lots of basil and eat.

Not sure why you scooped out the inside? What were you planning to do with it?

cookessentials, May 18, 5:37am
You salt your eggplant - this removes any bitterness and also helps stop it absorbing too much fat and/or water. Just sprinkle the inner shells with salt and pop them into a colander in the sink, also salt the sccoped out flesh. Leave for 20 mins and then sinse well and dry well with a paper towel. I saute cumin and coriander powder in a little olive oil in a saute pan, then add a handful of sultanas, a tin of chopped toms, the chopped up flesh, some tomato paste and a little wine if you have it. Once cooked through, fill the shells, sprinkle with a little cheese and bake at 170C until cooked through and golden. Serve with rice.

cookessentials, May 18, 5:39am
The above is called Imam Bayeldi - it is a Turkish stuffed eggplant.

blackbnz, May 18, 5:39am
As I said this is my first time! lol. . I have already read that fruitlava. I am sure I read sumwhr to scoop out the inside but am now thinking ooppssyy lol. I can stuff it back in? Add sum more filling to it and bake it? HOw do you put a stuffing inside if you don't scoop it out first?

blackbnz, May 18, 5:41am
thank you cookessentials! I may not have all those ingredients but will make sum kind of filling and fill casing.

fruitluva2, May 18, 5:42am
Hi Blackbnz I just looked at this last thread i put up and it has a recipe or two for stuffed eggplants.
Oh right its Cooks recipe so great stuff she's here.


blackbnz, May 18, 5:46am
thanks fruitluva! With the colander over the sink? Sorry is it over hot water or something cookessentials? TIA

gaspodetwd, May 18, 5:49am
Make ratatouille- its very quick - my favourite is eggplant parmigiana - but it takes about 50 minutes to do properly. Will put the recipe on if you are interested.

waswoods, May 18, 8:47am
Grill the slices and then put a slice of Haloumi cheese over it and quickly grill again - yum

cookessentials, May 18, 10:06am
no, just in the sink because when it is salted, it sweats out the bitter liquid and it is just easier to have it drain into the sink.

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