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korbo, Sep 18, 8:21pm
yes, been preserving for many a year. clean jars etc.
I did make a mix of lime and lemon as well. that seems ok.
Oh well, off to make some more.
wondered last night, if maybe having used eggs from the fridge could be the culprit. will be in touch.

kaddiew, Sep 18, 8:31pm
I've made the no-butter microwave one for about 20 years, it keeps about a month in the fridge, and that's in unsealed jars or pottles. And the eggs are always straight from the fridge. Never ever had mould.

john946, Sep 19, 12:28am
Whitehead - could you share your recipe for the shortbread cups? Sounds yummy! Thanks, C

oh_hunnihunni, Sep 19, 12:53am
Not enough acid in the juice I suspect is the reason for mould (some lemon varieties vary in acidity) - that and inadequate sterilising. That said, I'd be wary of trusting anything with eggs in it after long term storage, fridge or shelf. Easier and safer just to make small batches when needed rather than hoard it for yonks.

harrislucinda, Sep 19, 1:07am
I make this just enough last few weeks in fridge covered with plastic
stretch covers Today used the last in sponge roll

fifie, Sep 25, 10:40am
Any one made a slice, shortcake base, lemon honey filling, meringue on top and baked? success or not.

wheelz, Sep 25, 12:05pm
This person has. and I'm considering doing it with limes tomorrow ( since I have an abundance)

kaddiew, Sep 25, 8:24pm
I have done, a sort of lemon 'louise slice', but found then base too dry and crumbly.

fifie, Sep 25, 11:15pm
Tnx kaddiew, might try it.

buzzy110, Sep 25, 11:27pm
Sterilise your jars before filling and use an airtight sealing lid. Make sure the lid pops down as it cools. Mould and bacteria (unless anaerobic like fermenting bacteria which grows without air) won't grow in a sterile environment nor in a vacuum. Store in fridge. Mine lasts for well over a year that way. It will go mouldy if left too long in the fridge once opened and air can get at it.

terraalba, Jan 14, 2:55am
I make a lot of lemon honey. Sterilised jars, small batches and well-beaten eggs I have found tend to lead to longer keeping lemon honey. I make mine in a double boiler mostly, though I have successfully made lemon honey in the microwave. I found that the well-beaten egg very releavant when processing it in the microwave.
My favourite way of eating the stuff is marbled through whipped cream and spread on sponge cake. Sponge roll goes particularly well this way too.

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