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rainrain1, Jun 14, 9:49pm
Well that was a long drawn out start wasn't it, I don't know why they bother with all the early eliminations. A bit of a yawn so far

jan2242, Jun 14, 10:23pm
Ii am so over both that one and MKR. Won't watch them now.

kaddiew, Jun 14, 10:25pm
It sure was a yawn. And it reminded me of the hype, padding, loud music - and sob stories - to come. But as long as they've moved on from the fennel everything, savoury ice creams and 'quick' pickles that dominated the last series, I'll give it a go!

socram, Jun 15, 9:08am
Just can't stand this modern trend of loud hollering and whooping from female spectators/audiences.

It really grates, so once they start on the competition proper, if it continues, I won't be watching - certainly not with the sound on anyway.

davidt4, Jun 15, 10:37pm
I've only watched the first episode. The whole "show biz" aspect has really got out of hand, especially the screaming but also the prancing around . I guess the contestants are told to "act like a winner". I fast-forwarded through it and tried to watch only the cooking and judging bits.

ruby2shoes, Jun 15, 10:45pm
I missed some of it when doing the dishes. but it may have only been boring stuff like info about the contestants. Just cook, dammit!

kaddiew, Jun 16, 3:22am
Two episodes in, and I'm over it. Maybe recording it or watching it On Demand, with fingers on fast forward and mute, is the only way to go.

grouch, Jun 16, 4:02am
I agree all the shouting and carry on is too much. I just want to see them cook and the end creations.

sherrydog, Jun 16, 8:25am
Can't stand it so don't watch it. I found The Great British Bake-off a lot more relaxing and interesting. I don't know what they have to have so much yelling and dramatics - it really is only a cooking show.

kaddiew, Jun 16, 11:02am
The problem is, it isn't really a cooking show. It's a game show with all the hoopla that that involves - with food.

I agree, the GBO (and the very grown up UK Masterchef) are far better.

cosimo, Jun 16, 11:41pm
I agree too. But that doesn't make superstars of the contestants and the judges.

spike_01, Jun 17, 7:54pm
Just started watching it Online.

Sure it is slow in the early stages, but you know it will get better as you get more invested in it.

spike_01, Jun 24, 4:06am
Well I watched the last 2 shows this morning.

The bar has been lifted, the 1st 24 cooked better than when the show 1st started 10 years ago.

samanya, Jun 24, 4:40am
I agree with those who doen't like the hype/noise/yelling etc, but the standard does seem a lot higher this time around.
We have to realise that it's heavily edited to make it as dramatic as possible & surely that's not necessary?
I record it too, so that I can fast forward the bumf & bluster.

spike_01, Jun 24, 7:03am
Gotta keep this thread going for 3 Months.

Everyone who has watched Master Chef knows it will rock later on.

karlymouse, Jun 25, 7:38am
I gave up on this show a couple of seasona ago. the judges are awful and the stupidity of 'not understanding' a dish really grates . these pretentious types forget there are plenty of people in the world who can eat food without 'understanding it'

lofty010247, Jun 30, 1:23am
all mousse and ice cream and ethnic foods . anything thats quick to make it seems!

maplekiwi1, Jul 1, 1:10am
I have started watching, but will keep quiet for a while as I saw a couple of episodes in Australia. Will wait for those eliminations to screen before commenting.

herself, Jul 1, 2:53am
. This show really is an abomination.

socram, Jul 1, 2:58am
Talk about ethnic diversity. Is this now PC driven?

blands70, Jul 3, 10:36am
Weird comment. No, it's reflective of cosmopolitan Australia.

iriegirl, Jul 5, 11:49pm
I definitely agree with you re the UK Masterchef, slick, 99% cooking & you rarely know anything about the contestants until the final.
The Australian version is, as mentioned, more a game show, and I now either forward to the cooking or just don’t watch. And, it’s going to take eons till the finals!

slimgym, Jul 6, 12:25am
we wondered that too

davidt4, Jul 6, 1:34am
As above - the ethnic diversity among the contestants reflects the ethnic diversity in Australia. And thank goodness it does.

biggles45, Jul 7, 9:05am
Sounds like we are the only ones enjoying it. Some great recipes so far, a couple that I will be making at some stage.

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