Is your crockpot lid loose?

I got a crockpot at the weekend and the lid doesn't sit very flat - there is always a big gap one one side. Is this normal?

Chef_nicki5, May 10, 7:37 pm

Yep mine is. Its a Zip.

Chef_tjwearing, May 10, 7:39 pm

Yes most lids do not fit very well as the crocks are made from clay/earthenware and the rim is a bit uneven from firing the earth. I fiddle around with it for a bit so it is mostly closed before I start the pot.

Chef_uli, May 10, 7:43 pm

This happened to mine so I put a layer of foil around underneath the lid when cooking.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 10, 7:44 pm

thanks tjwearing, uli and bedazzledjewels. Mine's a Zip too, and the lid is up in the air on one side. I'll try using foil under it

Chef_nicki5, May 11, 3:38 pm

Mine too... Drives me batty. Mine is a Breville (FlyBuys jobby) and Mothers is a Zip, both have non-fitting lids. I cover mine with foil to stop the gap - which is large. My one actually has raised bumps to stop the lid from sealing!

According to Allyson Gofton, having a gap is a no-no as you lose all that valuable heat and it will take longer to cook your food (anyone remember the mantra about DONT lift the lid on the corned beef, you'll make dinner 45 minutes late? ).

All the ones with wobbly lids that I have seen are the newer ones (usually bigger) that have the higher wattage. The high wattage ones cooking at the higher temperature and it is not unusual to see them boiling away - the older ones with less wattage are less likely to boil - more of a gentle plop perhaps.

When my turns up it's toes, I will be on the hunt for one that has low wattage and seals!

Chef_tixy, May 11, 4:01 pm

Mine also has a big gap. I cover crock with tinfoil then put lid on and fold up around lid, its perfect fit like this and cooks in half the time it used to withthe steam escaping all the time.

Chef_bree82, May 11, 6:02 pm

Most crockpots are like that otherwise the lids would have a hole in it... . .

They are slow cookers, not preassure cookers... .

Never have a problem with them.


Chef_valentino, May 11, 6:30 pm

They are made to be like that... . .

Chef_rainrain1, May 11, 6:33 pm

thanks, putting tinfoil under the lid makes it much snugger - but still with room to move, so hopefully that's the way to go.
I'm cooking my first crockpot meal tomorrow while I'm at work - I hope I don't burn the house down. Is it normal for the sides to get hot?

Chef_nicki5, May 11, 7:48 pm

they get much MUCH hotter when you put tin foil under the lid... personally unless you are at home I wouldn't put the foil under the lid. . I use foil under ours when I am rendering lard in it as I can get it up to 100 deg inside which helps with the rendering... but I wouldn't advise it if your not home. . ours gets extremely hot and they are not designed for that., May 11, 8:07 pm

ok, thanks for that. I will do it tomorrow without the tinfoil

Chef_nicki5, May 11, 8:12 pm

Minne does not have any gaps, although it does not "seal". I have had it since 1983 and got it in Australia before you could get them in NZ. It is still going strong and has either a high or low setting - pretty basic, but it does a fab job.

Chef_cookessentials, May 11, 8:27 pm

Mine is a Brevile and sits perfect... . ? ?

Chef_missmuppett, May 11, 8:55 pm

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