What do you serve with Bacon & Egg Pie?

Probably having tomorrow night for dinner, but wondering what to put with it.

Chef_rai5, Jul 13, 8:10 pm

Green Peas & Mashed Potato.

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 13, 8:22 pm

A tomato and parsley salad.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 13, 8:24 pm

mashed spud and coleslaw.

Chef_articferrit, Jul 13, 8:30 pm


Chef_awoftam, Jul 13, 9:32 pm

Salad and chutney

Chef_duckmoon, Jul 13, 10:51 pm

A light Salad

Chef_ridgeline, Jul 13, 11:29 pm

Chips and coleslaw.

Chef_lynja, Jul 14, 6:36 am

Serviettes. B&E Pie is perfect all by itself.

Chef_datoofairy, Jul 14, 6:53 am

More bacon & egg pie.

Chef_oramac, Jul 14, 7:30 am

Tomatoe sauce or a nice tomatoe relish. then dessert

Chef_kindajojo, Jul 14, 8:02 am

Bubble and squeak. Or nothing, cause I usually put all sorts in mine, peas, corn etc etc.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 14, 8:58 am

The OP is asking about Bacon & Egg pie. lol

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 15, 11:00 pm

Probably too late now now but for things like that I make it two courses. The pie is eaten in all its glory solitary with some tomato or whatever to make it look pretty.

I chose vegetables and eat them as a separate course. My current favourite is lots of finely sliced leek and mushroom or fennel bulb finely sliced into round and sauteed till some of it is crispy in ghee. Then into a baking dish a decent dollop of cream added and cheese - mozzerella, cheddar and parmigiana grated over the top and grilled. I have that with lightly steamed other vegetables.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 16, 4:25 pm

We ended up having mashed potato and peas. Hubby would have been quite happy with Bacon & Egg pie on its own. Left overs were for lunch today.

Chef_rai5, Jul 16, 7:16 pm

Bacon and egg pie here is a summer dish when the hens are laying well and I need to use up the eggs. It is either eaten by itself (we take it for lunch when attending the A & P shows) or it is eaten when at home with salads eg potato salad, tomato & cucumber, lettuce & tomato & avocado, beetroot & feta & beet leaves etc.

Chef_strathview, Jul 16, 7:19 pm

If there is tomato already in it, a meal all on it's own. Otherwise, tomato relish. Maybe a baked potato with a load of butter.

Sorry, I can't eat mashed potatoes without moisture and I am not a salad person and not keen on peas, other than mushy peas!

Chef_socram, Jul 16, 7:36 pm

I agree, no need for more carbs when you have pastry already

Chef_sellontrademe, Jul 17, 7:46 pm

coleslaw and pickled onions

Chef_ritebuy, Jul 18, 10:48 pm

As long as its bacon and egg and not bacon and egg and onion and mixed vegetables. then a sliced raw tomato and onion, lettuce and capsicum salad. no tomato sauce allowed.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 27, 7:02 am