gerry64, Aug 7, 2:02am
Would anybody be able to help me with a recipe she called her favourite chicken pie a few years ago - it had a layer of cooked potato on the bottom and spinach on top of the chicken - my Mum has decided that's what she wants for her 100th birthday lunch on Wednesday - I havent made it for years - just my luck its the only recipe cant find and she asks for that!

245sam, Aug 7, 2:09am
gerry64, was the recipe in any of Allyson's books and if so, do you have any idea re which book? :-))

gerry64, Aug 7, 2:24am
I am pretty sure it was - would have been 20 years ago - I had a photocopy of if in my favourite file where it had been published in a magazine along with her favourite everything's - it was a lovely pie - she certainly has thrown me a curve ball !

245sam, Aug 7, 2:49am
gerry64, I found this recipe in the former Trade Me Cooks - could it be the one you're wanting?

"Chicken Pie (alyson goftons)
3 sheets ready rolled puff pastry, 1 double chicken breast (skin removed), 4 rashers bacon, 200g mushrooms, 1 tbsp oil, good pinch ground cumin, 1 tbsp chopped fresh herbs, 1 bunch spinach, 3 cooked potatoes (skin on or off), 1 - 1 1/2 cups grated cheese, milk or beaten egg to glaze. Lightly grease 20cm loose bottom cake tin (even if non-stick). Preheat oven to 200C and place a baking tray inside. Take a sheet of pastry, cut out a 20cm circle and line base of tin. Take another sheet of pastry and cut strips, 7cm wide. Use these to line the sides of tin, pressing base and sides together firmly. Cut meat into 3cm cubes. Finely slice bacon. Wipe and slice mushrooms, Heat oil in fry pan and cook chicken, bacon and mushrooms over mod. heat for 5 mins. Season well with cumin and chopped herbs. Cook spinach till wilted (or microwave for 2-3 mins on high), cut potatoes into 1cm slices and place in a layer on bottom of pastry lined tin. Arrange chicken mixture on top of potato, followed by a layer of spinach, then cheese. Season with salt & Pepper as you build up the layers. Cut another 20cm round from last pastry sheet. Brush edges with beaten egg or milk. Place lid onto pie pressing sides and top firmly together. Brush with milk or beaten egg to glaze. Make small hole in top to let out steam. Place pie on hot baking tray (preheating helps the base to cook through) Bake 200C for 30-35mins.
posted by bernice1"

Hope that's the one! and that your Mum has a very Happy Birthday - all the best to her as she becomes a centenarian - a real milestone for you all. :-))

samanya, Aug 7, 3:17am
I've bumped a previous thread for you.
This sounds very similar to the one 245Sam gave . I haven't double checked the ingredients, it could be the same.
I got it from a Next magazine.

245sam, Aug 7, 3:30am
samanya, I have just checked and the ingredients in the two recipes are the same - IMO they are the same recipe and the fact that you "got it from a Next magazine" I believe makes it all the more likely that they would be the same recipe due to Allyson's involvement with Next magazine over the years. :-))

gerry64, Aug 7, 3:34am
Thank you thank you ! Yes that's exactly it - yes we really do appreciate she has made her 100 as she is still mentally sharp and as fit as a fiddle so it's great - phew what a relief I can make what she wants

awoftam, Aug 7, 3:39am
I have left a message on AG's facebook page for you, OP. Fingers crossed.

awoftam, Aug 7, 3:40am
Opps just saw you have found it. All good!

245sam, Aug 7, 3:44am
Happy daughter, Happy 100 year old Mum - should be a very special day for you all on Wednesday gerry64, and let's hope you have inherited your Mum's longevity and health genes. I guessed that at least your Mum's taste bud memories must be in good form but for her to be "still mentally sharp and as fit as a fiddle" at 100 is great and certainly something to be celebrated in style. :-))

samanya, Aug 7, 3:48am
Great stuff . it's a good pie & I hope that gerry's mum enjoys it.
What a lot of life (& changes) she must have seen.
Happy 100th to Gerry's mother & congratulations on reaching such a grand age.

unknowndisorder, Aug 7, 4:06am
Congratulations to your mum :)

gerry64, Aug 7, 6:50am
I will pass on your good wishes - she will have a chuckle at you all helping me find the right recipe - she loves her food - even as a child I remember she always ate lots and lots of veggies before we all knew about 5 a day - she drove us mad as kids as she chewed her food we used to say 24 times each mouthful - we would want to leave the table while she slowly ate ! My Dad died 40 years ago but Mum kept on cooking healthy meals - she is a very tiny lady - had her gallbladder removed at 99 the surgeons said her organs are like. 60 year old - to keep herself mentaly agile you does mathematical puzzles in her head - mind you she had a wicked sense of humour and I think that's contributed to her longevity -

awoftam, Aug 7, 6:52am
How utterly wonderful. and how very special. Have an awesome day and as an aside I plan on making that pie this weekend - it looks awesome!

juliewn, Aug 7, 11:11am
Happy 100th Birthday to your Mum Gerry. have a wonderful celebration :-)

gerry64, Aug 9, 10:20pm
Well it was an absolute hoot - I prepared my pie and put it in the fridge to rest while the oven heated - and no matter what buttons I pressed my oven remained firmly on auto - I am suspecting a recent power surge has done it in - but what a panic - so went to plan B and quickly threw together an alternative chicken dish and poped some pastry squares in the air fryer - Mum laughed - we had a great day

samanya, Aug 10, 1:05am
Pleased to hear that you had a great celebration, despite the best laid plans etc!

245sam, Aug 10, 1:51am
My thoughts too samanya, and thanks for the feedback/update gerry64.
The main thing is that your Mum enjoyed her very special day and the fact that she could see the funny side of your 'dilemma' IMO indicates that she still has a great sense of humour and was in good spirits. Well done to you for your quick thinking and making it a special occasion for all, especially the Birthday Lady. Just wondering about the pie - did your Mum get to score a 2nd Birthday Lunch?

gerry64, Aug 10, 4:15am
The pie went home with my brother he cooked it for his family who flew in from CHCH - so they were very impressed as he normally serves meat and mixed veggies -
It really was a very amusing day

samanya, Aug 10, 6:28am
I think it's wonderful that your Mother is alert & has a sense of fun at her age.
How many at that age (or much younger) have lost most of those attributes.
You have good genes gerry . I hope you have inherited them.
I have a sprightly(ish) 97 year old rellie, she is in a serviced apartment at a retirement complex & since moving in there she has blossomed!
She has the opportunity to go out every second day to interesting places & the supermarket, she goes to exercise sessions (all done from her zimmer frame) & so it goes on.
Personally, I shudder at living in those circumstances, cos I have space & gardens, but hell, when & if I get to that age, I'l do it.
It's a Ryman place & although they don't look that crash hot from the outside . it's beautiful inside & they have got the recipe right for oldies.
Sorry to digress folk.

jia5, Aug 10, 6:51am
I'm going to try this recipe, sounds scrumptious, thank you for posting.

unknowndisorder, Aug 10, 6:52am
Glad you had fun with your mum :) Sounds like a great day :) even if not to plan lol

korbo, Aug 10, 9:31am
. Hello, hope you are well. we must catch up. are you in Napier.

jia5, Aug 14, 6:21am
Well I had this Alyson Gofton chicken pie for dinner. Took it out of the oven, looked amazing. Cut into it and it was swimming in liquid. I followed the recipe to the letter. what happened?

jia5, Jan 6, 9:52am
I wonder if this was the problem

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