Pickled grapes ?

korbo, Jan 1, 2:29am
will do, they need to be seedless grapes

dibble35, Jan 1, 4:24am
Bugger, mine are Niagara which are the best tasting (IMO), but they do have seeds. I give away lots of grapes every year but always end up with way to many and friends, work mates, family cant keep up with them. What a problem to have aye!

fiddles3, Jan 2, 3:34am
I make grape sauce using a plum sauce recipe, it's yummy!

korbo, Jan 3, 12:10am
actually, cut one open last night, and they seem to have only 1 pip in them. rather small grapes.

korbo, Jan 3, 12:23am
found a couple of recipes on google, I thinkwould be ok, except they say to cut the ends of, so liquid gets in. the ones I have have not been cut, just the stalk pulled off.think red grapes are the ones to use.

beaker59, Jan 4, 12:07am
I ferment mine and bottle seems quite nice if a little intoxicating might catch on so won't give out the recipe.

valentino, Jan 4, 6:54am
Came across this some time ago but have yet to do as grapes disappeared to quickly, LOL.

The link is.

Pickled Grapes

*Snip plenty of fresh ripe grapes off their bunches with a pair of scissors, leaving a short stem attached to each one.

*Wash the grapes and dry each one carefully with a cloth.

*Pack the grapes into jam jars.

*In each jar, put some bits of fresh tarragon, a clove, and a couple of white pepper corns, plus about a teaspoon of rapadura (dehydrated cane juice). I varied these quantities depending on the sizes of the jars.

*Then cover the grapes with apple cider vinegar, put the lids on the jars, and put them away in a dark cupboard. They are supposed to be stored for about 6 weeks before using.

Editing to add this "Off Topic" a little but Grapes.

A Student recently gave me some sugar coated grapes as a treat, very nice and they exploded within my mouth superbly, apparently can keep for ages like this too.


korbo, Dec 29, 4:30am
Bought a jar of these. mmmmmm. can't stop eating them.
NOW to figure out a recipe.

harrislucinda, Dec 29, 6:13am
google recipe on there

dibble35, Dec 29, 8:23am
Well they look interesting. By the looks of it im going to have a bumper grape harvest, this could be a good option for them. Let me know if you try a recipe ( post on here would be great) and what they were like and I may try myself :-)

badams1, Dec 29, 5:56pm
yes,please post a recipe ,if you find one. sounds divine.

lythande1, Jan 15, 10:09pm
Ick. We just eat ours, as is. Heaps this year here too, but that's OK, loads of friends and family want them too.

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