Egg free cheesy bake recipe!

sossie1, Apr 12, 5:09am
Help, just realised no eggs,
Got flour, milk, butter, cheese, courgette, but no eggs
Anyone have an egg free recipe?

davidt4, Apr 12, 5:12am
Do you have potatoes? Slice them thinly, put in a baking dish in layers with cheese, cream (or milk and butter), salt, pepper, thinly sliced onions if you have them. Bake at 180 C for at least an hour until completely tender.

sossie1, Apr 12, 5:29am
Yes I have spuds, no problem with that sort of bake, want to make a basic vege cheesy bake

sossie1, Oct 5, 12:06pm
Crisis solved! Parboiling potato slices, making a cheesy sauce around peppers and courgettes, then layering to bake in oven, with chunks of ham!

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