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kaddiew, Jul 5, 9:57pm
Highly likely.

jia5, Jul 6, 8:45am
I said to the other half yesterday, the judges will bring Tamara back regardless.

Was I right or was I right, :-/
I think the other two had far better desserts and Tamara's looked the least impressive.
A right jack up

cor.-., Jul 6, 9:00am
Agree, they needed a 4th impartial Judge to convince me, George really dislikes chilli and anything with heat that makes his head perspire usually, so to make that the winning dish. ? yeah/nah

Ohh but that pic of rotund Bryan when he was a boy, so cute! Looked exactly like that child comedian in that comedy Ken

devonwrecked, Jul 6, 10:09am
Well there was a surprise - not. We didn't see Benjamin or Benita's dishes in the first round. I'd at least like to know what they cooked!

kaddiew, Jul 6, 11:08am
The pretty berry dessert looked far more appealing than Tamara's winning dull brown one. A jack up indeed.

strowan1, Jul 6, 7:04pm
Yep she was a rigged one last night. As stakes so high for the contestants it should have been a blind taste test. Felt for several of the entrants their disappointment was palpable.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 6, 7:05pm
Yep. If they hadn't made ever so helpful suggestions to Tamara about chilli overload, she wouldn't have made the grade. Rigged.

just4jess, Jul 6, 7:59pm
The favouritism is oh so blatant!

rainrain1, Jul 6, 8:01pm
I desperately wanted to eat that pink one, total eye candy. the winning pudd looked like a last minute hash together

devonwrecked, Jul 6, 8:13pm
I was so disappointed for Bryan. He'd gained so much in confidence and the ability to discriminate about what to put on the plate. His dishes were superb.

pickles7, Jul 6, 8:16pm
It has happened from the first program, I don't give the program any priorities.

maplekiwi1, Jul 6, 8:54pm
Yes total jack up. I though Samuel's looked more appealing. Did agree the other 2 desserts didn't look strong enough. I would have been happy to see either Bryan or the other woman win.

Is Tamara going to endlessly make dumplings like last year's teacher's pet Elise endlessly made variations of the same dessert?

kaddiew, Jul 6, 9:24pm
I'm sure most of us on here could live without it and don't take it that seriously! But since it's in our faces for months, at prime viewing time, it lends itself very nicely to being picked apart.

devonwrecked, Jul 6, 9:36pm
LOL agreed! I still watch it because they never set up a nasty competitive vibe between the contestants. The moment that creeps in I'll be turning it off and reading a book. The current format may be irritating (that music!) but I still learn a lot from it.

maplekiwi1, Jul 6, 10:00pm
The first series had that. I think they have gone too far the other way now & the endless hugging gets a bit much.

I'm wondering if it was meant to be a double elimination on that pressure test now & it was changed when Ray did well. He certainly wasn't shown getting any praise!

devonwrecked, Jul 6, 10:13pm
I didn't watch the earlier series. I was turned off with all the back biting. The other series I'm enjoying is "Yes, Chef" in the afternoons on TV1. The technique demonstrations by the guest chefs are really informative. One of them made mushrooms on toast this week. It was an eye opener, seeing it done professionally.

kaddiew, Jul 7, 8:54pm
So Tamara's back in elimination again, no doubt to be saved again.

cor.-., Jul 7, 10:11pm
Glad to hear the Judges heap praise on Sarah as a serious contender last night after they tried her beef and xo sauce, she's such a hard worker in Team challenges and always so so enthusiastic - Diana wasn't mentioned by name though.

I felt Arum ambushed Ben's leadership by setting the menu. And young Michelle impressed me for the 1st time, she must have a fantastic palette to have picked that the apricots just didn't work with her dish

autumnwinds, Jul 8, 9:45am


He should have gone yonks ago, and other excellent cooks went home instead.

autumnwinds, Jul 8, 9:46am
She produced one of the best dishes.
As did the "dark horse", Michelle.

ETA: It's quiet, tonight.
Guess everyone's watching the footy. )

kaddiew, Jul 8, 11:17am
Would she have, though, if Matt hadn't stepped in at the beginning and told her that cherries and onions don't go together, and to fix her sauce? It gave her plenty of time to alter what she was going to serve up. I didn't see any of the judges give the 2 struggling guys that kind of a leg up, at least not in time to correct anything.

maplekiwi1, Jul 8, 6:22pm
I fell asleep! Last thing I remember was Ray staring disconsolately at his ingredients.

He was clearly out of his depth.

Who else was in the bottom?

devonwrecked, Jul 8, 8:15pm
Sam and Tamara were marginal with how long their meat was cooked, but Ray was clearly bottom with an uninspired, messy dish of fish and chips. He was lucky to have lasted so long. The others were all great. Arum pulled back from a disaster - last minute save.

kaddiew, Jul 8, 9:04pm
Who's up for the coming week with Heston The Wacky?

devonwrecked, Aug 5, 1:57am
Depends what's on the other channel LOL

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