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davidt4, Jun 30, 10:37pm
Alas I see that next week they are bringing back some of the eliminated contestants. That always happens and it just drags things out.

kaddiew, Jun 30, 10:42pm
Oh great. I wonder how many episodes will be wasted bringing the chosen one/s back into the fold.

samanya, Jun 30, 11:32pm
Damn *groans*
I agree with whoever commented that the format is tired . dragging it out too much over the last few series . it's becoming a tad tedious, which is a shame.
If they dropped the team challenges, that would speed it up & not leave one poor individual going home because of a group 'stuff up'.

strowan1, Jul 1, 12:10am
Can only agree, loses momentum and I wonder how the surviving contestants really feel, when the eliminated reappear, sort of discounts their efforts doesn't it? Not to mention as others have said, dragging the whole thing on way to long, and possibly losing viewers in the process.

samanya, Jul 1, 12:30am
I'll still watch it because they have me hooked into 'favourite' contestants & I enjoyed Yotam Ottolenghi's input & presence.
Atm I have one absolute favourite & several others that I'd like to see do well.
As for the others returning, I guess the remaining contestants would be expecting it, as it's been done before. They seem to all have a genuine rapport.

lou-ie, Jul 1, 2:16am
I'm really happy with the dragged out formula. The only thing that would make me happier is if it became Mastergardener.
If anything can stop Criminal Minds and all of those other dire blood spattered, psychopath obsessed american cop, hospital or forensic pathology shows that are trotted out on what used to be the 'quality' channel of TVNZ then bring it on.

lou-ie, Jul 1, 2:20am
Tamara was irritating me a bit with her perfect grooming, now I find her earnest and personality a bit more endearing. She has good cooking talent too.
Billie from a few series ago is pretty much my favourite contestant ever though. She was very, very cool, calm and a super talent.

dolphin19, Jul 2, 1:04am
Ah yes, I remember Billie. She was great. I wonder how she enjoyed working in Heston's restaurant.

samanya, Jul 2, 2:01am
My favourite went home last night.

davidt4, Jul 2, 5:18am
I really must try to catch up. I've just watched the immunity challenge with the young chef from O.My. His dish looked superb! What a good idea for the tomato season.

slimgym, Jul 2, 7:09pm
yes that girl that got the fish, she was very lucky, but its got to run out soon.
I hate the knife draw especially if there is only three to chose from.
They should always use the sack draw.
I was surprised that team lost they did very well.
mm thinking Callum might win

coolnzmum, Jul 4, 6:26pm
I think the doctors luck must be due to run out. (Indian guy?) You think he's going to lose then he managed to pull something together and stays.

devonwrecked, Jul 4, 8:29pm
Last night Ben was the invisible one. Didn't see a single thing he cooked.

mindi1, Jul 4, 11:11pm
Nor did we see young Callun (spelling?)

pixiegirl, Jul 5, 3:57am
I missed last night - who went home?

cor.-., Jul 5, 4:40am
Gosh there was no way they were going to give top spot or the power pin to that extremely well groomed (IMO) Malaysian Accountant Diana even though she was the only contestant in the top 3 both times in both challenges

awoftam, Jul 5, 6:32am
Bad form.

coolnzmum, Jul 5, 7:10am
I was expecting Diana to get the power pin

lou-ie, Jul 5, 9:54am
Creameux disasters! How did that cake make it through the rigours of the selection process for the programme and test kitchen?

Why would the programme makers chose a cake doomed to failure within the allocated time?

cor.-., Jul 5, 10:17am
I wonder if George's absence "because he was a bit under the weather" was due to a night on the town with guest Judge Curtis Stone, I expect he's going to be upset when he returns and learns Tamara's been sent home.

They always announce that "you'll be going home" like it's a fate worse than death, makes me giggle, what's so terrible about being at home, most of the contestants say they miss their homes and loved ones

rainrain1, Jul 5, 7:32pm
I think she's the dark horse

devonwrecked, Jul 5, 9:12pm
What's the betting she'll be right back with the "second chance" episode tonight?

maplekiwi1, Jul 5, 9:35pm
Ads last night for the return contestant showed both her & the bearded guy - Sam?. Ray seems to do well following a recipe - it's his own creativity that is lacking.(just remember I've only been watching for the last 4 eliminations)

maplekiwi1, Jul 5, 9:38pm
Also I was still wondering - why a bottom 4? I was hoping for a double elimination.

kaddiew, Jul 5, 9:56pm
A double elimination would make too much sense.

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