Help with weights in recipe please.

I need to add 2.5 grms of cumin, and 2.5 grms of coriander. I havent got scales that weigh such a small amount. How much would they each be in spoon measurements?

Chef_rovertniloc, Jun 11, 11:06 am

rovertniloc, at a guess I would have said 1 tsp of each however I weighed 1 not-quite-level (i.e. slightly rounded) tsp ground cumin and it weighed 3g - my scales don't do ½g and I don't have any ground coriander because I grind the seeds as needed. My advice would be to go with 1 level tsp each of ground cumin and ground coriander.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 11, 11:13 am

Hi - isn't 5gm teaspoon. So 2.5gms would be half a teaspoon. Happy baking. I love cumin and coriander especially when coriander is picked from the garden.

Chef_whistlingwings, Jun 11, 11:15 am

whistlingwings, 1 tsp = 5ml but that does not necessarily mean that 1 tsp of each or any or everything will weigh 5grams - I weighed the very slightly rounded tsp ground cumin and it was definitely only 3grams. I assumed that OP was referring to coriander seed not the green leafy herb, coriander.
I love the flavour of cumin and also coriander seed, and am trying to get used to the taste of coriander as a herb but it is not a flavour I particularly enjoy - it is acceptable to me in very small quantities where its flavour is not really obvious, however each to his or her own and I realise that coriander as a herb (aka cilantro) is a very commonly used herb nowdays. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 6, 2:59 pm

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