Blue Cheese Sauce - Low Carb

timturtle, Sep 25, 6:06am
150 ml Cream
50 ml Water
50g Blue Cheese ( I only use about 25-30 of the creamy one, not too strong)
Fresh Parsley

Heat cream and water till hot, add crumbled blue cheese, then cook until it is reduced to the right thickness.

If it doesn’t thicken up, then at the end add about 20g grated cheese ( not blue) and it will.

Take off the heat and add chopped parsley. This also adds to the visual of the sauce as it looks more like blue cheese.

I use this like a pasta sauce over chunks of cooked zucchini or add smoked chicken and mushrooms, would be nice over a medley of cooked vegetables as well.

awoftam, Sep 25, 6:15am
Ha ha love it. Do you need to add the water? I thought melting the cheese in the cream would do the trick?

I also like kapati creamy blue crumbled over steamed broccoli its yum.

timturtle, Sep 25, 6:17am
Probably not, but if you are cooking the mushrooms and some meat in the sauce it allows time for this to cook before the reduction starts, but its very nice. IMO

samanya, Sep 25, 7:24am
timturtle, I wlll C & P this.
I like your recipes . your bacon & egg breakfast slab is one of my regular 'go to' recipes. many thanks.
PS . i have an influx of eggs atm (my own chooks) & there is a limit to the number of ways to serve them & yours fits the bill, with heaps of grated veges from the garden.

timturtle, Sep 25, 7:41am
Boy that brings back memories, haven't made it in ages. I have 4 hens and they are great layers. This blue cheese recipe would be great over a bowl of hard boiled eggs ! !

samanya, Sep 25, 7:42am
Would it ever!
Thanks again.

awoftam, Sep 25, 7:57am
Thanks timturtle I am going to make this and pour all over my roasted veges tomorrow for dinner!

timturtle, Sep 25, 7:59am
let me know what you think of it, it really is easy and packs a punch ! And looks great with the added parley if you use it

petmacorpltd, Sep 25, 9:37am
I wouldn't mind the breakfast bacon and egg slab if you would post that. TIA.

samanya, Sep 26, 1:56am
Sorry to be so long getting back to you . here goes, courtesy timturtle.
Breakfast slab (bacon & eggs on the go)It makes a large slab & is handy to take to work. With a salad it's good for lunch/dinner too.
150 g chopped bacon
100g chopped mushrooms
200 g cooked spinach, chopped & well drained
1 cup of grated cheese
10 eggs
Garlic pepper
sliced tomato
line a baking dish with non stick paper, then spread over bacon & mushrooms (this helps hold the sides of the paper out) Mix eggs in a bowl to combine the yolks & whites, then add salt garlic pepper, spinach & cheese. Mix well then pour over the bacon & mushrooms. Spread out evenly & top with sliced tomato.
Bake around 180 degrees until just set.
I vary the ingredients according to what I have on hand . I often pop some grated carrot in & I have left out the mushrooms when I didn't have any.

ham & asparagus with Gruyere or blue cheese
chicken & char grilled capsicum
Wood smoked salmon, feta & spinach, with a little fresh coriander.
Hope you like it & thanks again timturtle.

davidt4, Sep 26, 2:18am
Tim's breakfast slab has been a mainstay for us for about five years now. I still make one to take for lunch almost every time we travel within NZ and it keeps well for a few days.

samanya, Sep 26, 5:59am
It's great, isn't it?
It's definitely a 'go to' for me.
Friends who I've made it for lunch or whatever at my place, & then when the occasion arises for a' take a plate' luncheon when I ask 'what can i bring'& they request it & it always goes well . hot or cold.

timturtle, Sep 26, 6:08am
Thanks Samantha for the nice comments and also for posting the recipe as I had lost it ! Must get back to making it.


samanya, Sep 26, 6:34am
Even more nice comments to come. I
made your blue cheese sauce tonight for dinner. I cooked a heap of spinach, popped on a few 'soft' hard boiled eggs (the old boil one minute & rest for 8 minutes trick) & put your blue cheese sauce.over the top .
The only addition I made was a hint of galric & it was a hit! sauce . cafe stuff!

timturtle, Oct 3, 1:00am
That's great pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks

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