Frankfurters, can they be pan fried?

Boiling seems so bland

Chef_kassie48, Jun 4, 5:42 pm

Not bland at all if you eat them in Frankfurt :)

of course nothing to do with the stuff they sell here LOL

Fry them - or heat in water and then smother them in ketchup and curry powder.

Chef_fishplants, Jun 4, 6:01 pm

Never tasted, going with pan fry, salad & can smother in dressing if need be

Chef_kassie48, Jun 4, 6:05 pm

In the USA that's how they cook them, fry them

Chef_farmers, Jun 4, 7:05 pm

Yes, fried is yummy. The skin goes crispy.

Chef_bisloy, Jun 4, 7:54 pm

Nice slow grilled

Chef_mike1364, Jul 8, 11:53 am

really nice wrapped in bacon and either grilled or oven baked. Used to have them like that as a kid some 45+ years ago

Chef_cgvl, Apr 2, 5:04 am

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