Almond flour

Are you looking for a gf recipe? There are some online. I cannot see this work tho. Needs the gluten for strength and puffiness.

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 8, 5:47 am

I use Almond and other gf flours for baking but sorry I haven't tried them with choux pastry. You could do a small say half sized batch as an experiment to see if it works. My recipe uses 4 small eggs so can be halved without wastage.

Chef_cgvl, Apr 8, 9:15 am

I can't see choux pastry being successful with almond flour. The structure is dependent on the gluten in wheat flour. I think you would end up with dense little eggy buns.

Chef_davidt4, Apr 8, 9:29 am

Anyone made choux pastry with this or any other nut flour please?

Chef_glynsmum, Oct 28, 12:45 pm

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