Cappuccino Date Slice

Yum! Will make your recipe - thanks :-)

Chef_floralsun, Jan 31, 3:34 pm

westigal, made the slice. Yumm. Thank you. Will be making this again.

Chef_zappi, Feb 2, 4:33 pm

Ha , am going to have to make it myself now zappi, you just reminded me how good it is. I make it with really strong espesso coffee not essence, so plenty of flavour, Enjoy.

Chef_westigal, Feb 2, 8:57 pm

I used a strong mix of coffee too and not essence.

Chef_zappi, Feb 3, 12:01 pm

westigal, if you like coffee you will like Jaimee Olivers Coffee Cake. Will see if I can dig out the recipe and post for you.

Chef_zappi, Feb 3, 12:03 pm

Sorry to bump an older thread, but wondering if i could make Toffee Rum plunger coffee and use that as the coffee in the recipe?
Have dates to use, and im in the mood to attempt to bake (Apple Cake just out of the oven, YoYo's baking now)

Chef_kay34, Mar 31, 4:17 pm

Can you cook roast veges in an electric fry pan or is it better to do in the oven. just thought it would save heating up big oven as just for 2. Thanks

Chef_ryelands1, Mar 31, 4:33 pm

oops meant to start a new thread for this. Sorry

Chef_ryelands1, Mar 31, 4:34 pm

I used to do my roast veges in the electric frypan. They used to come out better than the oven. Don't have that frypan anymore, so use my small oven.

Chef_susieq9, Mar 31, 4:38 pm

Good idea kay, I have some of that coffee, may give it a go.

Chef_nauru, Apr 1, 8:23 pm

soak the dates in strong coffee

Chef_ritebuy, Apr 3, 8:31 am

You pour hot water over the dates and leave to soak.

Chef_zappi, Apr 3, 4:48 pm

Coffee essence. I find espresso not too strong either when I make coffee type bakes so I make my own coffee essence which is quite strong. You need 16g of instant espresso coffee powder (even your Nescafe will do the job) and 50ml hot water. Dissolve coffee and use as required. Note 50mls is only 3 and bit tablespoons so might want to double the recipe.

Chef_marcs, Apr 6, 3:33 am

Marcs i agree. Make up your own with instant coffee

Chef_zappi, Apr 7, 8:31 am

I don't often bake with dates so just wondering whether or not to soak the dates before proceeding with making this slice or not, and if soaking them in orange juice rather than water (if they should be soaked first) would be nice?

I'd be grateful if anyone with "experience" with dates (loaves/scones etc.) could give me some advice on this. TIA :)

Chef_carlosjackal, May 12, 9:08 am

bumping for some advice

Chef_carlosjackal, May 12, 9:50 am

Hi carlosjackal , I use this recipe and don't soak the dates, always comes out nice and moist with chunks of dates

if you soak them they tend to go more pasty in texture.
How ever when I make date scones now, I do soak the chopped dates in boiling water, (chop dates roughly and just cover with boiling water, let sit for a few minutes and then stir with a fork) make a cinnamon and raw sugar mix and make pinwheel scones. Pat out dough into a rectangle spread over dates and sprinkle with sugar mix, roll up and slice, bake as per scone recipe. Just yummy, should imagine these would be nice with orange juice instead of water.

Chef_westigal, May 12, 10:19 am

Thanks for your advice westigal, . I didn't get around to making the slice yesterday but up early this morning and ready to start! and I'll leave the dates as they are. I will however make the Pinwheel scones and when I do, I'll soak the dates first for a short while - have been meaning to bake Pinwheels for such a long time - they were one of the first things I ever learnt to bake - gosh I must have been about 11 or 12 yrs!

Chef_carlosjackal, May 13, 7:44 am

I put dates in bowl in microwave with little water and put on high for a few minutes especially for scones, cant stand chewing on a hard date.

Chef_joybells2, May 13, 8:38 am

Yep - soak my dates for everything I make.

Particularly nice with orange juice - or even better with vodka and orange - (blush).

I adore dates. I actually use a date puree to sweeten a lot of things. Just equal parts dates/water. Soften then whizz. Keep a jar in the fridge.

Chef_maynard9, May 13, 9:27 am

Well I made it, but quite frankly I think there are far nicer slices out there - this one seems very ordinary - it completely lacks flavour (even with the coffee essence). Won't be making it again. Certainly "nothing to write home about"! Could take it or leave it.

Chef_carlosjackal, Nov 1, 10:43 pm

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