Sweet corn time. I have forgotten how long to

But of course, lots of butter. now I have a craving for it. lol

Chef_dibble35, Jan 1, 10:38 am

Thanks for the explanation.

Still prefer not to nuke my food however, so will stick with a boiling pot of water while I go harvesting :)

Chef_uli, Jan 1, 11:35 am

only way to eat corn now, never boil

Chef_slimgym, Jan 3, 6:26 am

You're lucky, Im hoping to have another vege garden next year so I can grow my own corn. Was it you that said you grow/save your own corn seed? Is it easy enough to do?

Chef_dibble35, Jan 3, 7:48 am

You can only save your own seeds if they are an old open pollinated variety.
All corn seeds you can buy are hybrid since about 20 years.

edited to add that you need a minimum of 200 plants to keep for seeds to keep the genetic diversity and that corn is wind pollinated, so if you have neighbours growing corn within a 2km radius it will not be pure bred any more.

Chef_uli, Jan 3, 9:25 am

bugger, not worth doing in suburbia then. I did see some being sold on here that were an old open pollinated variety, this was a few years ago. Was tempted at the time as i had 4 vege gardens going, down to 1 small one here at the moment. Its enough to keep me in more than enough tomatoes zucchini and beans for the summer. but cant grow my own corn or garlic like i used to, plus all the herbs etc

Chef_dibble35, Jan 3, 10:36 am

You forgot to add. As running in peel the husk off. I've also heard it said drop it in for a few seconds.

Chef_macman26, Jan 3, 1:56 pm

You can still buy old open-pollinated sweet corn varieties in the US, like Golden Bantam. Much bigger market, of course!

Chef_biblia, Jan 3, 2:56 pm

i used to microwave until i found out it kills the nutirents in my food. its funny how we get casught up in believing we are so busy we dont have time to cook, prep food etc. the media . nasty thing. it should be do you not have time for your own health? real food cooked the really way. says it all really. ditch ya microwave and improve ya health

Chef_motorbo, Jan 3, 3:18 pm

Ah yes. peel and drop husk on lawn for mower to get and compost later.

Chef_lythande1, Jan 3, 4:02 pm

cook corn on the cob in the microwave. Hope you can help me. Thanks

Chef_clair4, Jan 1, 10:12 am

I throw mine in a pot of boiling water about 5 minutes after picking (as I have no microwave).

Boil for 5 minutes and eat - super sweet - even though they are old fashioned varieties and not super sweet hybrid ones.

In Greece they roast them on the barbie - very nice too.

Chef_uli, Jan 1, 10:17 am

This was all the rage last summer-
Put 2 cobs in m/wave
6mins on Hi
Hold with a towel & cut thick end off & squeeze cob out

size of cob & amount of m/wave power can vary result
I did 2 med size cobs in a 1100wt oven last night & they came out perfectly.

Chef_sue1955, Jan 1, 11:46 am

I have no microwave - however .
How do you "squeeze cob out" - out of what?
Are you not taking the leaves off?

Chef_uli, Jan 1, 1:00 pm

Uli in micro you leave the leaves etc on. I then peal mine back and break off the stub at the bottom. Oh hold in tea towel or you will burn your hands.
However I generally do corn in a pot as I cut our cobs in half.

Chef_cgvl, Jan 1, 1:41 pm

Put water on to boil. Once it boils, rush out and pick.
Then through it in the pot for about 1 minute - until it changes colour.
That's it.\

Chef_lythande1, Jan 1, 2:05 pm

If you microwave it with leaves on, then cut thru the fat stalk end of the cob, you can then squeeze out the cob of corn, it comes out really easily and usually has all the silks left with the leaves. I always do my corn this way now. So easy

Chef_dibble35, Jan 1, 6:22 pm


Chef_clair4, Jan 1, 6:28 pm

like this, works great


Them cover in heaps of butter - Nom Nom

Chef_timturtle, May 21, 10:49 pm