Circular Metal Muffin Pans?

popeye333, Feb 21, 2:57am
Does anyone know if they exist?

I have one of those glass airforced bench ovens which has a huge glass bowl. And would love to be able to get some muffin pans to fit.

I cant say Ive ever seen a circle of metal muffn pans, but wondered if anyone else had.

Failing that maybe single ones. I have 3 little fluted metal pans I could use. And have been tempted to cut a 6 tray into pairs, to be able to get them to fit in

nettiem, Feb 21, 3:03am
Would a poached egg pan work? They're usually round although not deep but I guess you could stand paper cases in them.

popeye333, Feb 21, 3:15am
Silicone tins have been suggested , and they would probably fit in the egg poacher tray. thus making it easier to get in and out of the bowl of the cooker.
Thank you I wouldn't have thought of that

popeye333, Feb 9, 5:18pm
Problem solved. someone suggested sitting the individual silicone cups on a rack. There is a rack in the cooker and a special set of tongs to get it in and out with. I can just sit the cups on that.

Sometimes I don't have a logical mind and takes a while for the right idea to happen, or with picking other peoples minds.

Thanks Everyone. Problem solved. Well it will be when I buy the cups lol

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