Am after a Gordon Ramsey recipe

ultimate cookery course Cheat’s soufflé with 3 cheeses recipe. man it looked good. can anyone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Chef_motorbo, Jun 14, 6:55 pm

Chef_ruby19, Jun 14, 7:22 pm

awww your a gem, thank you, i searched and searched and couldnt find it lol

Chef_motorbo, Jun 14, 7:33 pm

Your welcome :-)

Chef_ruby19, Jun 14, 7:41 pm

ruby a gem. Good one :)

Chef_skyblue17, Jun 15, 11:57 am

In case you are like me and need the complete recipe, here is the rest.

Chef_cosimo, Jun 15, 1:04 pm

Be warned, David t4 said that whilst researching a problem with a recipe of his she found that quantities were constantly unreliable in his recipes according to the wider cooking community. This was a comment in response to a fail I had with a Gordon recipe due to too much of an ingredient.

Chef_wendalls, Jun 15, 5:19 pm

i wonder why wendalls? ha ha skyblue i didnt realise i had done that
thanks cosimo

Chef_motorbo, May 24, 6:18 am

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