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scoodiesonline, Feb 2, 7:55pm
Has anyone heard anything about this? Hubby said he thought he heard on TV last night that after the three nights of masterchef on TV this week, that if you want to watch the final episodes you will have to watch them on demand. Does anyone know anything about this? And if this is correct, I will be letting TV1 know I am really not happy!

annies3, Feb 2, 8:52pm
Well I am sorry you feel this way but others have had it up to the neck, on and on and on for weeks and weeks it is toatlly boring and predictable, we will be pleased to see it go,
However what will be on now ?

esther-anne, Feb 2, 9:05pm
I suspect it could be "Bachelor NZ" or some such thing - several in the pipeline I believe.

Now that will float your boat annies3 - won't it?

rainrain1, Feb 2, 9:11pm
I haven't heard that, and it would annoy me too, especially as these last few episodes are the best of the lot

kaddiew, Feb 2, 9:31pm
Well, looking at the TVNZ Guide, it IS on for only 3 nights this week. Missing Fri and Sat due to the Rugby Sevens.

lodgelocum, Feb 2, 9:58pm
I wouldn't imagine that would happen, just off for two nights due to the Sevens. There would be an uproar if TVNZ did that, they can be stupid at times but surely not that stupid!

kaddiew, Feb 2, 10:02pm
That's my thinking too.

That said, TVNZ is constantly messing about with Coro St scheduling, and no amount of uproar from diehard fans of many decades is making a blind bit of difference.

esther-anne, Feb 3, 12:43am
They mess with anything and everything imo. Programmes that I watched initially because they started at a reasonable 8.30 p.m. (SVU for one on 3) suddenly disappear and voila - look down the page and there they are coming in at 10.30 p.m. or later without so much as a by-your-leave lol!

I'm sure they will offload MC for the Sevens - there would be uproar from
Sevens fans - and my husband would be the first one of them to roar. Though I must confess that I have more than a slight prediliction myself for the whole Sevens shindig.

cor.-., Feb 3, 1:30am
Yawn. ! and it's predilection

unknowndisorder, Feb 3, 2:03am
Esther-Anne, not sure about SVU, but what they have been doing with some of "my" programmes, is finishing the current series, then putting on an earlier series at a later time.

SVU finished the current series with a cliff hanger that I am stumped as to what it was, but pretty sure Olivia was involved. I have a feeling that the series that was on later at night was the previous one where the boss got set up (Hmm, I really am bad, either can remember a storyline slightly or a name, but not both - but something like Gracken lol).

It does mean, that My TV time will be time to catch up with other recorded programmes, so might watch the final of MKR UK then. Sure as heck not turning on theTV for IRB or Families whatever show. :) also have part one of the Sue from the UK baking show

scoodiesonline, Feb 3, 2:13am
Well according to the Woman's Day TV programmes it is not going to be on next Monday or Tuesday either.

suzannelg, Feb 3, 2:23am
I think the new "block like" show starts next week.

kaddiew, Feb 3, 2:47am
The plot thickens! Maybe there'll be an anouncement on the screen during tonight's episode.

strebor1, Feb 3, 2:54am
I think it is on Sunday, quite looking forward to it, hope it doesn't disappoint.

esther-anne, Feb 3, 3:08am
Good Golly Miss Molly - don't say I spelled (or is is spelt?) something incorrectly? That is SO not me!

kiwiactrss, Feb 3, 3:29am
According to the website it is showing : Masterchef Australia Tuesdays - Saturdays at 7.30pm | TV ONE - hope so - really enjoying this series

245sam, Feb 3, 3:42am
Just a thought. From memory we believe that the screening of previous Masterchef Grand Finals has been at the weekend (Saturdays?) so the above alternations to what has been the pattern of screenings for this series will no doubt again have the Grand Final screening on a Saturday.

For those wondering how many more episodes there are - there are 10, then the final so 11 more in total. :-))

motorbo, Feb 3, 4:07am
im enjoying it this time, im not sure why I feel like its not so hyped and focuses more on the food, ah well im happy its on nothing much else

esther-anne, Feb 3, 8:17am
Thanks so much for that unknowndisorder - I certainly have been getting rather confused with the migrations of the programmes from one timeslot to another. Trouble is we can't record - seems we have to get something extra for our built-in freeview TV to make it so that we can record. I'm a technical dummmy I'm afraid. Apart from computer and cellphone of course! lol.

I'm thinking this might be a good time to tell all the 'regulars' here - and there are a few on this thread from the main Masterchef thread - that if you all recall the My Food Bag thread I started before Christmas - and unknowndisorder said that she would get me some wonderful pork pies? She was as good as her word and after I 'bought' them she brought them all the way to our somewhat out-of-the-way neck of the woods to deliver them. personally. Absolutely scrumptious!
She is a lovely warm, kind and genuinely nice person and it was a delight to spend some time with her. Thank you unknowndisorder - and hope I haven't embarrassed you by saying this, I know you're a little bit shy!

As you were all - back on topic - and like motorbo said this series of MC has really got to me too with some special appeal I can't really identify!

illusion_, Feb 4, 12:47am
Masterchef continues on tv1 next Wednesday (11th) for those interested/worried.

lythande1, Feb 4, 12:59am
Really? True? Yay!

illusion_, Feb 4, 1:06am
thats what the programming on my freeveiw stb says. I guess they just shuffled it off to one side to make way for the sevens

joybells2, Feb 4, 2:25am

fiatnut, Feb 4, 10:03pm
I certainly hope you are correct. This is the first series I have watched right thru and will be really peeved if we don't get the final few episodes.

illusion_, Feb 5, 8:17pm

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