When a recipe calls for

1 cup of butter. how do you measure it?

Chef_n.c, May 28, 3:23 pm

I hate those ones, I just chuck it in roughly lol and its usually ok

Chef_joybells2, May 28, 3:24 pm

If you want an accurate measurement use a container bigger than 1 cup, e.g. a 1 litre measuring jug. Fill it to the mearsuring line with cold water then pour off exactly 1 c. Add chunks of butter to the water until the level reaches the line again. Drain and you will have 1 c of butter.

You will first have to work out what size cup is envisaged - tea cup, breakfast cup, 250 ml measuring cup. If in doubt go for the 250 ml.

Chef_davidt4, May 28, 3:27 pm

Thanks davidt4. I did google how many grams in a cup of butter and tried that but think it was way too much as you could really taste the butter.

Chef_n.c, May 28, 3:29 pm

n.c. I faced this same dilemma 40+ years with a special recipe from my now late MIL so I did much as davidt4 has described above at #3 and found that a standard N.Z. 250ml measuring cup of butter = 250g.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 28, 3:41 pm

Me too. Weights are much more realistic when it comes to solids like butter. Unlike you I don't guess though. I find another recipe. I'd like to take the time to do what davidt4 recommends but I'm hopeless with numbers and likely to get in a muddle.

In the meantime my American Culinary Institute cooking encyclopaedia says that 2 cups of butter = 1 Pound. 1 Pound = 453.5g. Therefore 1 cup of butter is 226.75g (approx).

I think that is how it works out.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 3, 6:11 am

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