Thermal crockpot

a lady sells them at field days any feedback on these please

Chef_finlight, Jun 12, 9:32 pm

Great for camping

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 12, 9:38 pm

so you boil for 8 min then it keeps cooking your food . does it really work and taste good. thanks

Chef_finlight, Jun 12, 9:52 pm

Yes it does and meat on the bottom with rice in the top. Perfect.

Chef_camper18, Jun 13, 12:28 am

Google Haybox cooking and save your dollars!

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Jun 13, 8:08 am

I have known about those hay boxes for years (from my grandmother) and I never managed to get any meat edible and cooked - except mince and tiny bits of chicken which basically cooked before being put into the hay box. Great for rice and such though (can also put it under your duvet once started).

Let us know your meat cuts and what sizes you cut them into and how long you cooked them BEFORE putting them into the hay box please.


Chef_fishplants, Jun 13, 4:49 pm

i have one, and I swear by it. Fantastic piece of cookery. There are many brands, you pay for what you get.

this is what I have\ if you are cooking stews, or cornbeef, what you need to do, is to prepare your ingredients in the stainless steel pot and bring it to boil. You then remove the pot from the stove and put it into the vacuum insulated outside container. The heat from the stainless steel pot will cook the meat slowly. Couple of hours later, the meat will be cooked. No electricity required,
watch this youtube

Chef_ang_ck, May 30, 6:16 am

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