Chorizo/Kumera salady type dish, help please

I have made a recipe, from this MB a couple of times & it was delicious.
I printed it, filed it & now I can't find it :( just when I was really craving it for dinner.
I'm hoping one of our recipes aficionados can help . otherwise it's eggs on toast.

Chef_samanya, Jun 12, 5:32 pm

Have a look here, I can't copy and paste, but think it may well be Fisher's recipe for potato and chorizo salad: Or cook's

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 12, 6:06 pm

Oh, bless you & thanks for that
It didn't seem to be there,It didn't have potatoes in it,
There were a few damned good recipes there which I will c&p . & I do appreciate the links . thanks.
Eggs on toast still an option . despite the craving

Chef_samanya, Jun 12, 6:30 pm

If you do manage to find it will you please share with us

Chef_griffo4, Jun 12, 6:44 pm

Can you remember what else is in it?

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 12, 6:51 pm

That's it . thanks so much. 245sam. Much appreciated.
I searched here first & put 'kumera' in the search . d'uh!

Chef_samanya, Jun 13, 10:33 am

You're most welcome samanya - I searched here on the Recipes MB, unsuccessfully at first for Kumara and then successfully found that recipe using chorizo as the Keyword. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 13, 10:47 am

Thank you Sam l knew you would find it

Chef_griffo4, Jun 13, 12:09 pm

I was confident that someone would find it & would have bet on that person being sam. I hadn't made it for a long time, but remembered it being very tasty . I hope you like it griffo. I don't remember who originally posted it,

Chef_samanya, Jun 1, 9:15 pm

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