Can I freeze egg yolks ?

teddy147, Dec 19, 1:18am
I have four pavs to make over the next few days so am wondering what I can do with them all. oh and that 16 yolks.

fifie, Dec 19, 5:31am
Id make Veg frittata to have with salad, quiche to freeze, lemon curd for tarts or under the cream on your pavs or make a pav roll spread with curd cream roll in toasted almonds or coconut or use in scrambled eggs, never frozen egg yolks i think they might not thaw out the same, someone may have tried it.

bubblegirlblack, Dec 19, 5:58am
U sure can freeze them. I make a gold cake which is similar to a Madeira cake but a brighter yellow colour. Can use for Mayo as well.

duckmoon, Mar 27, 12:19am
I wish I knew the answer to this three weeks ago.

When I made three pavs. that was 24 egg yolks.

I put them in the fridge thinking they would be OK.
but they dried out and ended up in the bin (well down the toilet, but they didn't get eaten)

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