Blue Cheese & Port Pate

You are both very welcome. I made it over Christmas and put it into two small terrines and served with melba toast.

Chef_cookessentials, Feb 3, 3:36 pm

I made it for Christmas & I loved it, as did anyone I served it to.
It's a keeper in this house.

Chef_samanya, Feb 3, 5:12 pm

Nauru do you make.your own mushroom pate?

Chef_ruby19, Feb 3, 5:39 pm

Many thanks cookessentials, I made this at Christmas,. Just lovely, will certainly be making it again

Chef_figjamto, Feb 3, 9:31 pm

I went to a party last week and got served a round of blue cheese with comb honey on top and toasted pecan. The honey oozes down and you eat it with nice savory biscuits - yum.

Chef_arielbooks, Feb 4, 2:34 pm

Worth keeping.

Chef_valentino, Feb 4, 4:12 pm

I made it at Christmas and loved it.

Chef_maximus44, Feb 4, 8:36 pm

"Blue Cheese & Port Pate
350g cream cheese, at room temp
60g unsalted butter, softened
1/3 cup port
300g blue cheese, at room temp, mashed
1 tbsp chopped fresh chives
1/2 cup walnut halves
Beat cream cheese & butter in small bowl with electric mixer until smooth, stir in the port. Add the blue cheese & chives until just combined. Season to taste. Spoon into serving dish & smooth the top. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 3-4 hrs. Arrange walnuts over the top and press in lightly. Serve at room temp with crusty bread, crackers or wedges of firm fruit such as apples or pears.

Chef_cookessentials, Dec 14, 1:28 pm

Thanks cooks l was looking for something like this for Christmas day

Chef_griffo4, Dec 14, 2:01 pm

You are most welcome. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Chef_cookessentials, Dec 14, 2:38 pm

thank you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well

Chef_griffo4, Dec 14, 4:46 pm

Ohhhh that sounds yummy . thanks for that CE already copied & kept.

Chef_samanya, Dec 14, 8:32 pm

It is quite delicious, I have not made it for a few years but we are at friends for Christmas day so thought I might make it again.

Chef_cookessentials, Dec 14, 9:17 pm

Made it last night for some guests and did it ever vanish! Thanks for the recipe.

Chef_taniajane, Dec 17, 2:47 pm

You are welcome.

Chef_cookessentials, Dec 17, 4:05 pm

I think I've had one of these years ago and it was absolutely delicious, I think I'll be whipping one up too. Thanks heaps

Chef_martine5, Dec 18, 8:24 pm

CE . quick question please.
How long in advance do you think that I could I make this pate.

Chef_samanya, Dec 21, 12:21 pm

Yummy - can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Chef_jan2242, Dec 21, 12:36 pm

I've had some of this in the fridge for a week samanya, just used up last night on baked potatoes and i think it was even better for having aged a bit. simply delish melted on the potatoes too!

Chef_taniajane, Dec 21, 3:29 pm

Thanks taniajane.

Chef_samanya, Dec 21, 4:02 pm

Well, as it is kept in the fridge and if your cream cheese has a good expiry date, I would imagine a while. It will actually be more flavoursome if done a few days in advance. Just keep it well covered.

Chef_cookessentials, Dec 21, 6:37 pm

Thanks for sharing your recipe cookes. It will go nice with our mushroom pate & cracker platter.

Chef_nauru, Dec 21, 8:45 pm

Thanks CE. that's on my 'to do' list.

Chef_samanya, Mar 29, 9:59 pm

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