MInt Sauce

fifie, Jan 9, 1:39am
For those with a abundance of mint at the moment this is a good sauce to keep and use through winter. Its old recipe with a bit of sugar thats needed to make it nice and syrupy.
Mint Sauce.
2 good sized cups vinegar,
11b brown sugar ( or 500grs)
1 good sized cup of packed mint.
Put vinegar and sugar into a pan bring to the boil and simmer 20 minutes. Throw mint in a whizz or food processor and chop fine, add to sauce mix bring back up to the boil turn off the heat let cool and bottle.
If you havent got bottles a plastic milk container is fine but make sure its competley cold before putting in, this just sits in the pantry all winter and goes nice thick and syrupy great for using as mint sauce or drizzling over chops, lamb slow cooker dishes before cooking. Note dont be tempted to use more mint like me as it wont pour out of bottles with to much.

kirmag, Jan 9, 5:31am
Thanks fifie! We have a tonne of mint at the mo and I love mint sauce on most meats. Will make this over the weekend.

jazzryn, Jan 11, 3:41am
I use 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups white sugar to 1 cup minced up mint, just bring all to the boil for a few minutes then bottle. Last for ages, well a few years. Best mint sauce ever

simplephone1, Jan 11, 4:54am
In both cases here, I am guessing you are using malt vinegar

sandhu, Jan 28, 4:04pm
I add cornflour to mine to thicken it alittle so it don`t run all over your plate.

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