Glaze that sets for fruit topping on shortcake

g14us, Dec 7, 12:28am
Can anyone help me out? I made a shortcake from a new recipe I found - can't remember where now - and I wanted to put a fruit topping on it then cover the fruit with a glaze that sets. Maybe it isn't a glaze I need but I don't know what else to call it - a clear liquid which sets/becomes solid and keeps the fruit in place as well as making the shortcake look special. I made it last night as a pre-Christmas trial run and although it was nice the glaze I used from the recipe was runny and definitely wasn't what I expected or hoped for.

kay141, Dec 7, 12:44am
Would something like a jelly help? Or add some gelatine to your topping.

uli, Dec 7, 12:59am
You need "Tortenguss".
Unfortunately it is out of stock, but maybe you can mix something up from the ingredients.

I have used a gelatine mix and it didn't work, it seems to take up liquid from the fresh fruit and becomes a running mess even in the fridge.

kay141, Dec 7, 1:01am
Really? OK, once again, you know all.

g14us, Dec 7, 1:24am
Goodness I have never even heard of that. I shall have to go googling to see if there is recipe for it

kay141, Dec 7, 1:30am
There are quite a few recipes on the net which vary from using sieved jam, cornstarch or gelatine.

This uses cornstarch This uses gelatine
There was also a utube clip for making a gelatine glaze.

malcovy, Dec 7, 1:40am
i have a recipe for a black forest cheesecake and to make the topping I used 1 packet of jelly crystals and 1/2 cup boiling water and 1/2 cup of canned cherry juice (the recipe uses a can of stoneless black cherries). Cool jelly mixture and spoon onto top of surface and then place in fridge. That will give you an idea anyway.

g14us, Dec 7, 2:06am
Many thanks to you all. I can see I will be having a week of experimenting. I need to buy jelly crystals because I don't have those in my pantry and although I do have some gelatine I can't t remember when I last used that so maybe best to buy a fresh lot of that too. At least that way I shan't be able to blame the ingredients, only the cook, if it doesn't work out for me!

uli, Dec 7, 2:30am
I won't comment on the above posts . however I know that you need the modified starch in the mix to make it work.

There are lots of recipes on the net how to make it yourself. The closest would be potato starch and water. Any other starch will be cloudy, while potato starch will be fairly clear.

Jelly crystals are just gelatine, so you can use normal gelatine. Just make sure you start pouring it over before it starts to set. In my experience it only lasts for a few hours, so if you can time it and then serve it straight away as soon as it has set it might work. In my case it sat in the fridge for about 4 hours and it started to go liquid again because it took liquid from the fruit and thinned out.

So if you want to do this type of cake more often buy "Tortenguss" - it never fails :)

janbodean, Dec 7, 2:45am
When I make those smallish custard tarts topped with fruit I make an arrowroot glaze. It is clear and does the job really well. You can buy it at most supermarkets.

g14us, Dec 7, 2:47am
I would buy the Tortenguss but I can't find a NZ source - well Google isn't throwing one up for me anyhow. Would be happy to purchase online because we don't live in a big city where there might be a specialist shop that stocks but hasn't got a web address. So I will do some experimenting. Fortunately I have a husband who doesn't mind eating my experiments!

g14us, Dec 7, 2:52am
Do you mean you can buy arrowroot itself - which yes, I know about - or is there actually a product called arrowroot glaze?

uli, Dec 7, 3:03am
"Zuckerhut" is a small company owned by German a couple who bring those things in for the expats LOL

Unfortunately they are sold out now and I guess on their next trip "over" they will bring in more - too late for you now.

I rarely buy stuff of them, but if I want to make a sponge cake topped with fruit, then that is very nice to use as it always works.

So I guess meanwhile try and experiment if the starch or the gelatine works better. Let us know. Good luck!

fifie, Dec 7, 4:50am
I use a simple made glaze with brandy in it, it holds fruit in place and dry's to a nice sticky shine. Use it for Xmas cakes to if I put dried fruit and nuts on top instead of icing.

g14us, Dec 7, 4:53am
Now that appeals for Christmas. What do I add to the brandy and how do I prepare it please?

motorbo, Dec 7, 5:39am
i think agar agar would work well

westigal, Dec 7, 6:22am
Found this after a trip to germany, works very well on my custard fruit tarts

nauru, Dec 7, 7:35am
An arrowroot glaze will work fine and will be clear and is easily obtainable form any SM.

fifie, Dec 7, 7:49am
Recipe from a cake decorator on here,its great, hope it helps.
Brandy Glaze
1 heaped Tablespoon Apricot jam. 2 Tablespoons brandy. place Jam and brandy in a small saucepan and heat gently together, whisking until throughly blended. Now using a brush paint some of the mixture over the top of the cake then arrange nuts or fruit on top and then brush generously over the whole top of topping. It leaves a wonderful shine and tastes great. For mini cakes quadruple the glaze and it coats 8 - 10.

g14us, Dec 7, 8:01am
Lots for me to experiment with. Thank you "westigal" and also "fifie". I shall report back after my trials but I have so many ideas now it might be a wee while. But I am sure going to enjoy it all.

punkinthefirst, May 3, 5:55pm
The classic glaze for cakes and fruit tarts is a good, flavoursome apricot jam, warmed, seived, and reduced a little. A thin layer is brushed on to the food item while the glaze is still warm. Red current jam can be used for red fruit.

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