Cake mixers

any one got any recommendations for a good one that isnt heavy - i have an old (well not that old) kenwood but find it really heavy to get in and out of cupboards and dont want on the bench - love the funky red ones about but want a good one thanks

Chef_pedulla, Jul 20, 9:02 pm

It's evil how they make so many things in red pedulla. I feel myself being drawn into a vortex when I look at them - and don't 'they' just know it's that way for so many of us lol.

*must resist, must resist*

Good luck, hope you find a good one and . oh, what the heck, hope it's red too!

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 12:44 pm

if i get a new one sampa rest assured it will be red - mr just said about a kettle i thought yeah --- red

Chef_pedulla, Jul 21, 6:27 pm

do yu have to have a stand mixer? I used to have a hand mixer, with a stand (it died eventually). just not sure any stand mixer will be light enough for you.

my husband always comments, as he puts my kitchenaid away, as to how heavy it is (so I try to have finished and cleaned it before he comes home - saves the comment time and time again) - I do love it, but it isn't light and we don't have room to keep it out.

This is the sort of mixer I mean:

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 21, 6:38 pm

thank you prefer stand mixer will go try weight and see ta

Chef_pedulla, Feb 25, 2:48 pm

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