School tuckshop wrap filling ideas

Have been making chicken avocado wraps but now avo,s out of season and expensive also do plain chicken and sweet chilli chicken occasionally do ham salad also roast beef , cheese and gherkin but these don.t sell as well. Any suggestions please

Chef_jambicca, Jul 22, 6:28 am

Any of these inspiring?

Re: substitute for avocado, I am guessing its popularity in a wrap is the creamy texture. could you use a hummus instead? I guess if it is for a tuck-shop, you buy the ingredients ready-made? If not, for colour and creamy texture, you could make a 'hummus' with pumpkin, or peas, beetroot, etc as a base.

Chef_mjhdeal, Jul 22, 6:54 am

On that link I posted, I saw a suggestion for "The Burger: use rissoles or meatloaf, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard. "

That sounds pretty awesome, and just calling it a 'burger wrap' would make them top-sellers, I reckon!

Chef_mjhdeal, Jul 22, 6:57 am

What about falafel with hummus, salad, garlic yoghurt sauce with chilli if liked. Or a tandoori chicken with salad and yoghurt sauce.

Chef_ruby19, Jul 22, 8:55 am

What about trying a chicken and pesto wrap for the time being? Pesto can be bought rather than homemade and could be given a creamier texture by mixing it with something like cream cheese maybe? Or chicken and Aioli? Garlic Ailoi is really good and not strong in taste.

Chef_sampa, Jul 22, 1:26 pm

What age are the kids? This will make a difference.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 22, 6:26 pm

This is an area school so from five years to teenagers

Chef_jambicca, Jul 22, 6:37 pm

Chicken is popular with teenagers. Lettuce, grated carrot and cheese plus a sauce would be enough. Mayo, sweet chilli, bbq, satay, cream cheese, aioli are all good options.

Chef_pamellie, Jul 22, 6:37 pm

Bacon and egg with lettuce and tomato and a tomato sauce or mayo?

Chef_awoftam, Jul 22, 6:41 pm

thanks for ideas. A couple there that I will try.

Chef_jambicca, Feb 22, 9:43 pm

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