Substituting Rice Syrup for Sugar?

I am looking online however am wondering if anyone here who is sugar free has successfully substituted rice syrup with sugar given it is liquid versus solid? I did look for dextrose the other day as this is solid however the store I go to does not have it.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 5, 12:17 am

Dextrose = glucose. It is a monosaccharide. Apparently, according to the NZ man who has gone sugar free, our bodies are well adapted to glucose (monosaccharides) as opposed to anything containing fructose (such as table sugar).

Have you investigated maple syrup (real maple syrup not the imitation stuff) or golden syrup yet? Both are liquid.

Rice syrup is a disaccharide - fructose and glucose together and takes longer to break down than a monosaccharide.

Perhaps you should get your dietitian to clarify it all for you.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 5, 1:16 pm

I am sugar free, mostly, and everything I have ever read tells me that eating any other type of sugar is the same as eating sugar.

Are you trying to be sugar free or are you looking for a substitute to table sugar for other reasons?

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 5, 1:19 pm

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Maple syrup is high in fructose as is golden syrup. I wasn't seeking clarification on what sugar is what, as I have looked into all this, it was from using brown rice syrup a cooking perspective.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 5, 5:13 pm

Sugars are quite different as far as how our body is able to use them, which is what interests me. I am trying to steer clear of fructose for health reasons (as opposed to weight reasons).

Chef_awoftam, Apr 5, 5:15 pm

OK. Google rice syrup and decide for yourself whether its fructose content is acceptable to you.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 5, 7:14 pm

Steering clear of sugar for health reasons is the best possible reason. The body is adapted to using glucose (monosaccharide) easily. It has a different digestive pathway to fructose which is why our bodies have the ability to break the bonds of all polysaccharides and reduce them to their single components.

Contact the gentleman on this site:

He will tell you where you can buy dextrose but I am sure I have seen it in health food shops. I think he says you can buy it from brewers as well meaning it is probably found in the brewing section of the Supermarket.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 5, 7:19 pm

Yes, even P&S have dextrose

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 5, 7:24 pm

As I read back I see my original post wasn't clear at all lol I was wondering why people were talking to me about sugars when I know about sugars (as much as I want to any way) and was interested in using rice syrup in cooking and thought I had asked whether anyone had done this successfully, or whether they used a granulated sweetener like dextrose. I know what I meant. Serves me right for typing a question last night when I was so tired. I left half the question out.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 5, 7:26 pm

I live in a very small town. Will look to order online, or make a trip to Thames.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 5, 7:27 pm

Macrobiotic diets use rice syrup instead of sugar. Check out some macrobiotic sites for recipes.

Chef_frances1266, Apr 6, 8:15 am

Sorry. No, I haven't used rice syrup as a sugar substitute. The people on the site I have given you a link too use dextrose all the time (they had a 10 litre bag of it in their TV clip) so their recipes will be helpful.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 7, 9:04 am

Buzzy, I think the guy you link to based his diet on David Gillespie's book Sweet Poison, hence the use of dextrose.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 7, 2:03 pm

I haven't read that book. It sounds interesting. I see that David has put out a cookbook. awoftam would find that helpful?

Chef_buzzy110, Oct 31, 12:45 pm

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