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datoofairy, Mar 6, 3:12am

Doesn't this look like a groovy wee thingy, for separating egg yolks, and so simple to use.
Yes, I know the 'experts' herewill scoff at it due the fact they dont need any fancy tools for such a basic job, but for us mere kitchen mortals, I think its a fab idea. I'd by one :o)

retired, Mar 6, 3:30am
Wasn't there someone on tube doing this with a plastic bottle!

lilyfield, Mar 6, 3:33am
Yes ,I saw that, was a chinese girl demonstrating
Personally I use my fingertips, less clutter in the drawers

elliehen, Mar 6, 4:24am
Lots of them.here's just one.


antoniab, Mar 6, 5:00am
Thats pretty cool - I like just using the egg shells though

uli, Mar 6, 5:48am
Why have another gadget that on-one needs!
How easy is it to just use the shells to separate!

wheelz, Mar 6, 5:51am
Even easier using just your hands, no chance of the broken egg shell breaking the yolk.

duckmoon, Mar 6, 6:00am
But if you are putting six eggs into a bowl, with the plan of removing the yolks.
And one yolk breaks in the process of cracking the shells, then all of the whites have been contaimated.No good for whisking the whites

southerngurl, Mar 6, 6:11am

toffeey, Mar 6, 7:46am
I love the chicken.

uli, Mar 6, 8:15am
Yes of course - another thing to clean - cool as she is .
What is wrong with separating with the shells!

datoofairy, Mar 6, 8:20am
Why can you never accept that others dont always agree with you!
What does it matter to you if others want to use a gadget and not separate with the shells!Since its obviously not something you approve of, could you not just have said nothing or is the opportunity to be superior just to hard to pass by!
You have reminded me why I dont usually ever post in Recipes, and who it is that makes posting here so horrible.

southerngurl, Mar 6, 8:28am
Cos Im a shit shot and arent co-ordinated enough, happy now. ive let out my secret!

elliehen, Mar 6, 8:45am
This chick thinks he's supercool ;)

dezzie, Mar 6, 9:21pm
lol, I'm a shell and fingers person, break the egg, pour off one side so you can have a free hand, then dump the rest onto your fingers of the other hand, then flip the yolk into another container and "next please"

elliehen, Mar 6, 10:24pm
There are lots of individual techniques.I break the egg pretty neatly in half and then "strain" the yolk into one half of the shell, using the sharp edge of the shell to cut through the gloopy white that still wants to hang on to its yolk.I always end up with a very clean yolk in one half and the white in the other.

An old but handy hint if you drop a chip of eggshell into your mix is to retrieve it with another piece of shell.Otherwise you'll be chasing it all around the bowl :)

daleaway, Mar 7, 1:14am
I'm not coordinated enough to use two shells, and I don't enjoy a hand full of egg white anyway.

I was given an egg separator (a little chook), but the yolks are often too big for its cup and slide out over the edge. Curses.

So I crack one end of the egg, usually the pointy end, peel off enough shell to make a hole about the size of my wedding ring, and drain off the white through that hole. Make the hole a little bigger and the yolk can then come through into its own bowl.
Works without a hitch, and I make a LOT of meringues.

elliehen, Mar 7, 1:51am
That's inspired!As a child, when helping my mother,I never could stand the feel of the egg white on my fingers.She would insist that I scoop out the shells with my fingers to get every last bit of white and I hated it.

elliehen, Mar 7, 2:57am
uli, I'm clearly not datoofairy, but I have an opinion on why.It's not exactly what you say, but the way you often choose to say it.It comes out combative and confrontational.

For example, "Why have another gadget that no one needs"and "another thing to clean".

The posters you quote above have all commented without being negative.They've all spoken from a personal perspective without condemning another's individual choice.

uli, Mar 7, 3:47am
I am glad you are back ellie - to point out the finer English things to me .

uli, Mar 7, 4:17am
makespacenow I have in fact a life. Not quite the one I envisaged due to a drunk driver, but I manage well enough.

I am also pretty happy and am mostly positive - even when confronted with ACC bullies.

If I come across as something you do not like - maybe you need to look inside yourself and check where the problem is. It is not me that puts anger and resentment inside you. It is already there. I cannot make you feel anything from simply posting here.

And yes - the finer "English" way of not saying anything if it is not sweet and lovely (and then talking behind backs) is not something I will adopt any time soon.

makespacenow, Mar 7, 4:24am
Lol comes from you who ridiculed my injury! What a sad person you are. Lie to yourself that you are a nice person if you need to. Most other posters think otherwise.
Pathetic are your posts taking piss out of everyone and everything else than what you the mighty uli believe.
No anger or unhappiness here just disbelief that tm has not banned you from posting and ruining every thread you enter.
Go and read few posts over the year you posted pull your head in and do the decent thing next time and simply debt post your negative poop.

hilt_dwane, Mar 7, 5:29am
I think its a cool gadget and would buy one if I knew where to find them. I have tried many times using the shell and always manage to puncture the yolk, so that method isn't what it's cracked up to be

southerngurl, Mar 7, 7:40am
im pretty sure that guy is making it look easier than it is too. Im sure if you didnt suction the right way you'd split the yolk

terachaos, Mar 7, 7:42am

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