Cake toppers on wire, and feathers

charmed14, Jan 25, 6:20am
Can anyone please give me some advice, am I able to just use fondant shapes made with a cookie cutter to then put on wire to make a cake topper, or will the fondant be too flimsy!Also where can I buy nice soft feathers to use on cakes!

kiwibubbles, Jan 25, 7:18am
use gumpaste if possible - that will go nice and hard, or even half gumpaste and half fondant. Or buy some Tylose powder instead of gumpaste, and sprinke the tylose powder into the fondant which will help firm it up. Spotlight have lovely feathers you could use

kiwibubbles, Jan 25, 8:56am
p.s. use tylose powder to make edible glue and put this on the wire before sticking it on the fondant shapes. It will ensure that the fondant shapes stay on the wire better

gardie, Jan 25, 5:27pm
Fondant does work though - stick your wire in when you make them and pop into the hot water cupboard for a couple of days.They dry quite hard and stay so.

sclaredy_cat, Jan 25, 5:52pm
When I do them I let them dry for as long as I can - weeks sometimes. Depending on how much notice I have, I use either gumpaste or fondant. A tip when putting the wires in is to twist the end into a tiny loop, and hold it in a candle flame until they become red hot, then poke them in. That way they melt the fondant a little bit, then it hardens around the loop to hold them really firmly. Also you can set the ends in drinking straws with royal icing in to hold them in the cake better. Hope this helps :)

Edited as spellcheck decided I must be trying to type 'Irving' not 'icing'!!!

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