Christmas cake ice cream

hma, Jan 16, 9:07am
A great way to use up leftover christmas cake or xmas pudding cause by now we are all so sick of it! 2 litres french vanilla ice cream whipped up lightly in food processor, 400-800 grams xmas cake without icing, 2 tbsp orange juice or liquer such as rum, blend together gently and lightly so ice cream is still thickened, line a loaf tin with glad wrap and scoop the ice cream into it. Tap the corners so the dessert goes into them. Cover and freeze. When ready to serve tip it out, remove glad wrap, and top with fresh berries or a berry couli or choc sauce. Yummy rum and raisin-like ice cream!

olwen, Jan 16, 9:59am
The ice cream police on the message board will be in to say you shouldn't do that.

sclaredy_cat, Jan 16, 10:48pm
hehe - they don't scare me - this recipe sounds amazing, almost a pity I ate the whole Chrissy cake by myself ;)

wildflower, Jan 17, 2:22am
I never made a cake last year, otherwise.

hma, Jan 17, 6:58am
Hey Olwen, as a newbie to the message board section - I no comprehendo re the ice cream police! Can you please explain!

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