Small cheistmas cake

virea, Dec 16, 1:33am
I will be haveing christmas on my own this year and am thinking on makeing me a small christmas cake. Have about 400gm of fruit mix. Would I just cut the receipe of a big one in half do you think.dont really want a bought one.isent the same.

gardie, Dec 16, 1:51am
Yes - you can halve (or third) any recipe and cook it in a smaller tin.

elsielaurie1, Dec 16, 7:17am
Heres a recipe I have made this year, as there's just the 2 of us. They are made in a muffin pan using muffin cases.Soak 175g of mixed fruit and nuts of your choice in 1/4c of brandy, whiskey, or dark rum. I used orange juice. Best soaked overnight. Turn oven to 160oC and place 12 paper patty cups in a muffin tray. Put 100g soft butter, 75g soft brown sugar and 2T of either golden syrup or treacle in a mixing bowl and beat until light, then beat in 1 egg. Sift in 75g flour, pinch of baking soda, pinch of cinnamon and beat into batter with 2T milk. Beat in prepared fruit. Spoon into paper cases and bake 20-25mins until the cakes are set. They will be flat and a little sticky on the surface. Remove from oven and brush the tops with a little more of what the fruit was soaked in. Eat straight away or leave to mature for a couple of weeks.You could glaze them before serving with 2T apricot jam and a T water boiled together. Push through sieve and brush still warm cakes with cooled liquid.This recipe is from a Listener in the 1990's.They are delicious.

virea, Dec 16, 6:59pm
thank you so much elsielaurie this looks great and just what I want.will get on to it straight away.Have a nice christmas

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