How long will meringues last successfully in a tin

17007, Dec 6, 1:05am
is it too early to cook them now for Chrismtas

indy95, Dec 6, 1:09am
If they are stored in a container with a good airtight seal they should be fine until Christmas.

daleaway, Dec 6, 3:25am
They last months.
Though they will taste a little less fresh by the end of this period.
You'll be fine.
I'm cooking mine this weekend.

jenny253, Dec 6, 9:53am
They also freeze well.

zappi, Dec 6, 8:35pm
Unfortunatley they dont last long in our house.My nine year helps make them as they are his favourites.

marie2244, Dec 7, 7:38am
They sit on the shelves in our supermarkets indefinitely,so theres your answer!

korbo, Dec 7, 8:47am
Just checked my big container with last years in, they are fine.

kuaka, Dec 7, 10:24am
Humidity will soften them, so as long as they are in an airtight container, they should keep indefinitely.

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